R.U.S.T. Profile

Genre: Heavy Metal
Hometown: Nicosia
Tasos Karonias (Vocals)
Panayiotis Xanthou (Guitars / Violin)
Adamos Adamou (Guitars)
George Xanthou (Bass)
John Xanthou (Drums)
R.u.s.t EP 2007
Metal Child Single 2010
Forged In The Fire Of Metal Full Length 2011
In 2002 George and Panayiotis Xanthou, two brothers and their childhood friend, Adamos Adamou, decided to form a band. George was playing the bass, Panayiotis and Adamos the guitars. Finding a lead singer didn’t take too long as Tasos Karonias was in the same school with George. After jamming with a few drummers, Andreas Kallis took the place. “Flames in Ice” were born and performed their first gigs playing covers and some of their own material.
In the summer of 2004, Kallis had to join the army. As a result they had to come in contact with one of the drummers they met during their first search. The new drummer of the band was Achilleas B.
Adamos had to go abroad (army training) for a couple of months . The band continued with only one guitar player for some live shows. In 2005, on Adamos return, the band decided to change their name to “R.U.S.T.”
At that time they recorded their first demo, “In the Streets of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. Even though it was played in a lot of pubs and radio stations, it was never officially released.
In 2006, the organization “Young Ecologists” (NE.OI.) wanted to sponsor the creation of a split album consisting R.U.S.T. and another local band. The other band never showed up. Thus they made the decision to do an EP with R.U.S.T. The EP included four songs. “Kain”, “Sanity of Madness”, “Take me to the skies” and “Streets of Rock ‘n’ Roll”.
During the recording period in 2006, R.U.S.T. had two important activities. In September, they were one of the opening acts in the concert of US legends “OMEN” and “PHANTOM X” in Nicosia, Cyprus. In addition, along with “Hardraw”, a local band and close friends, gave birth to “Power of the Night Festival”, which came to be an annual event, held to this day.
In the summer of 2007 R.U.S.T. released their EP at the 2nd “Power of The Night Festival”.
After the festival and the big success of their debut release, R.U.S.T. had to find another drummer for one more time. Achilleas announced to the rest of the band members that he was going to study abroad.
Fortunately, this time their search was easy. They didn’t have to make any second thoughts about John Xanthou, the youngest brother of George and Panayiotis. Despite his age, he was there from the very beginning of the band. He knew all the songs of the band as he used to jam and write music with them.
John’s first live performance with the band was during Christmas of the same year. The show was a tribute gig to the legendary band “WARLORD”. The circle was complete. George, Panayiotis, Adamos, Tasos and John are the current lineup.
During the following years, R.U.S.T. continued composing songs and performing in live shows with other local and foreign bands ( Tokyo Blade, Sabaton, Ross the Boss & Scott Columbus, Paul Di’Anno, Marauder, Mystic Prophecy).
R.U.S.T. became known for their powerful songs and energetic stage performance, with unique acts that include motorcycles, flaming anvils, the rising phoenix, breaking guitars, even theatrical acts on stage.
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