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RUSTX: Live at Rocka Rolla (01/Oct/2016)

Date: 01/Oct/2016 (Saturday)
Place: Rocka Rolla (Nicosia)
Time: 22:00
Entrance: 05 EUR


The date for the 2nd Funeral Worship Festival, April 9th 2017.

Bands, venue, tickets and more info to be announced soon.

ARRAYAN PATH: Taking part on Iron Maiden's tribute "Somewhere in Time", by the Greek Metal Hammer Magazine

The Greek Metal Hammer Magazine (issue #381 - September 2016), will make a tribute album for the 30th year anniversary of Iron Maiden's "Somewhere in Time" album (Sep-1986).

BLYND: Co-headline shows with Ferium in Cyprus and Israel

BLYND and Israeli death metallers FERIUM, will give two co-headline shows, in Cyprus and Israel.

Live event In Memory of "Tasos Soul Bratsos"

Date: 09/Sep/2016 (Friday)
Place: Rocka Rolla (Nicosia)
Time: 21:30
Entrance: 3 EUR

- Mortem Atra
Progeny of Erebus