Review: SOLAR EAGLE - s/t EP (1988)

Country: Canada
Genre: Power/Speed Metal
Release Year: 1988
Label: Self-released
Format: 12'' EP

BLYND: Liber Sum Mini Tour

N4F concerts, presents the BLYND's Liber Sum Mini Tour, with Urban Grey, Desert Near The End and special guests, in Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus.

ARRAYAN PATH - Chronicles of Light

Band: Arrayan Path
Genre: Epic Power Metal
Type: Full-Length
Year: 2016
Label: Pitch Black Records
Artwork: Caio Caldas

GRAVE DIGGER: Headliners for Power of the Night XI Festival 2016

The headliners for Power of the Night XI Festival, this July 2016, have been announced yesterday at POTN's annihilation night at Rocka Rolla. The biggest name, so far, that ever played in that festival, the mighty GRAVE DIGGER.

Read the official announcement:

ARMAGEDDON REV.16:16 + Mortem Atra - Live at Kingston Town (26/Mar/2016)

Date: 26/March/2016
Place: Kingston Town (Limassol)
Time: 21:30
Entrance: FREE

RUSTX: Live at Rocka Rolla Wizards (13/Feb/2016)

Date: 13/February/2016 (Saturday)
Place: Rocka Rolla Wizards (Nicosia)
Time: 22:00
Entrance: 05 EUR

TOP 10 - Best releases of 2015

According to Cy-Metal users, the voting for the TOP 10 albums of 2015, shows the following results:

IRON MAIDEN - The Book of Souls
September 2015
Label: EMI Music

SCOURGE: Global Playground (First band's Single)

Cypriots death/grind metallers, have just released their first single, including 3 tracks.

It's available for free download on their official bandcamp page.
Later in 2016, CDs will be available.