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TEROR: Promo album to be released at Power fo the Night IX

Teror will release a DIY promo album at Power of the Night festival for free, limited at 100 copies!!

SOLITARY SABRED: "Realm of Darkness" song online

Another song "Realm of Darkness" from the new album is now available.

Buy the album from band's new website:

SACRED BLOOD: Guest appearance of Nicholas Leptos on their new album

The Cypriot vocalist Nicholas Leptos (Arrayan Path, Warlord, Astronomikon, Prodigal Earth) will take part on ''Golden Fleece'' song for their upcoming 2nd full length album entitled ARGONAUTICA.

FROZEN WINDS: New song, new album and the cover artwork

The band released a new song entitled 'The Watcher' which will be included on their forthcoming album 'ΔΟΓΜΑ ΤΩΝ ΝΕΚΡΩΝ'.