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BONFIRE: Back in Cyprus for two live shows (01 + 02 Dec 2023)

VOMITILE: New song from the upcoming EP "Faces of Terror"

Dragonbreath - Live at Cyprus Comic Con 2023

RUSTX - Live at Cyprus Comic Con 2023

INFECTED SYREN - Live at Cyprus Comic Con 2023

Mirror, Frozen Winds, Kerverian - Live in Nicosia (13 Oct 2023)

Arrayan Path - Live in Athens (30 Sep 2023)

Mother of Millions - Live in Cyprus (21 Oct 2023)

VOMITILE - Live in Bulgaria - 3 days for Wasted Death Tour - September 2023

SOLITARY SABRED: The recordings for the new album are finished

Michael Angelo Batio - Meet & Greet in Limassol and Larnaca (10-11 NOV 2023)

STORMCAST: A new album is in progress

Medieval Steel - Live in Nicosia (24 SEP 2023)

MIRROR - Live in Spain for the first time ever, at Metalcova Fest in Barcelona

Temple of Evil - For the first time to play in Tel Aviv, Israel