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Manilla Road Massive Interview

Manilla Road. A huge band for epic metal. In July they were in Cyprus. Mark Shelton (1977-92, 1994- ), Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick (1999- ), Andreas “Neudi” Neuderth (2011- ) and Josh Castillo (2010- ).  We spoke for over two hours with the members of Manilla Road in Nicosia just before they nailed it live in Cyprus for the Power of the Night Festival. A small portion was included in the Cypriot daily newspaper “Haravgi” ( The entire (almost) long talk, rather than a formal interview, is what follows.  (Nicolas Nicola)

SOLITARY SABRED + TEROR - Live at Tepee (13/09/14)

Solitary Sabred presents their new album "Redemption Through Force"
Support band: TEROR

Date: 13/Sep/2014
Place: Tepee Rock Bar (Limassol)
Time: 21:00


Date: 17/Aug/2014
Place: Diaxroniki (Nicosia)
Time:  20:00
Entrance: 5 EUR