METHYSOS: The cover of the upcoming album

This is the cover of their debut album "FOLKLORIA"!

Check the official announcement:

R.U.S.T.X.: Listen to the New song "Destiny Riders"

The new EP of the band is out since Power of the Night Festival X. Listen to the s/t song "Destiny Riders" on youtube.

DOOMOCRACY + SAINT JUDAS: Live at Savino (17/10/15)

The Greek doom metal band from Crete DOOMOCRACY for the first time live in Cyprus! Along with them, the Cypriots Saint Judas!

SAINT JUDAS: (ex.Gypsy Fears)

New name for Gypsy Fears, SAINT JUDAS now! They have just released a new (premastered) song called 'Revival' from their upcoming debut album 'War Within'. The album is about to be released at the end of 2015.

MORTEM ATRA: The Puppet (Official Lyric Video)

Listen to the official song The Puppet, taken from Mortem Atra's upcoming album.

Recorded, edited, produced, mixed and mastered by Paris Lambrou, at Play On 10 Studios.

CRUSIFIRE: "Memories" Official Video Clip

Check out the official video for the songs Memories part 1 and 2, taken from the album Garden of Fire.

Read the official statement: