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RIOT V (USA) : Live in Nicosia (05/Dec/2017)

Date: 05 Dec 2017
Place: RED Music Scene (Nicosia)
Time: T.B.A.
Entrance: T.B.A.
Opening Band: T.B.A

More info soon.. stay tuned!

REFLECTION (GR) : Live in Nicosia (04/Nov/2017)

Date: 04/November/2017 (Saturday)
Place: Exandas (Nicosia)
Time: 20:00
Entrance: 10 EUR

Support band: RUSTX

KAWIR (GR) : The headliners for Funeral Worship Festival III 2018

Funeral Worship Festival have just announced the headlines for 2018, the greek legends of Pagan/Black metal KAWIR.

ARRAYAN PATH: 2 albums announcements and covers revelation at the same day!!

The Cypriot Epic/Power metal band Arrayan Path, has announced their 2 upcoming full-length albums and revealed their cover artworks!

WINTER'S VERGE : The Wolves of Tiberon

Winter's Verge new album is coming out!!

"The Wolves of Tiberon" is the title of band's 5th album, which it will be released at Cyprus Comic Con 2017, in September 2nd 2017.

SONIK DEATH MONKEY : Live at DownTown (15/Sep/2017)

The Cypriots Groove/Thrashers Sonik Death Monkey, are returning back to live shows after a long time!

Date: 15/Sept/2017 (Friday)
Place: DownTown (Nicosia)
Time: 20:00
Entrance: 06 EUR

RUSTX: Live in Italy with Dark Quarterer (14-15/Oct/2017)

RUSTX will give 2 shows in Italy,
14-15 October 2017
with the mighty Italian progressive pioneers

14/October/2017 (Saturday)
Circus Club, Scandicci

15/October/2017 (Sunday)
Croma Etilico, Rome