Cy-Metal.com was created in Jun 2009 by Michalis "Starchild" Benakis

It first started as a forum, bringing the Metal fans in Cyprus together.

After it's success we turn it to a portal, providing online information about the Cyprus Metal Scene, such as bands, events, releases, etc.

In April 2011, Cy-Metal.com, releases the first Metal Compilation CD with exclusive Cypriot Metal Bands, entitled "Cyprus Metal Scene United".

We also organise events like Rock/Metal Record fairs and parties, and we support Metal Concerts on the island, such as Metalmorphosis, Power Of The Night, etc...

What's next? Stay Tuned

Contact at: apollo.ra@hotmail.com

Michalis "Starchild" Benakis & Andreas "Skyflat" Benakis