BLYND - Embraced and Abandoned

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Genre: Heavy/Thrash Metal
Type: Demo
Year: 2004
Label: Self-Release
01. Circle of Life
02. Embraced and Abandoned
03. My Sanctuary
04. Eternity
05. Blynd Visions

01. Circle of Life

How I wish to get away
From this drowning place
Walk away from all this pain
Re-build my life in a different way

The memories will never go away
The memories will always make me pale
Always a stranger to my fate

In the circle of life
Everything here is a lie
In the circle of life
Searching farewells and goodbyes

So I dream to get away
From this drowning place
To leave my body and fly away
Deep inside my mind

02. Embraced and Abandoned

We walk in hidden ways
Leaving the cold moments of reality
Stealing everything we see
Hoping for one better life to find

Just painful eternal agony
Under the spell of our failure
Just painful eternal agony
Under the spell of our failure

We burn, we try to hold but fall again
We fear them all we return
We're trying so hard, so hard to get
Until we fall and try again

Hear our words of wisdom
Will echo in the centuries to come
Embraced and abandoned
Until another world will rise

Hypocrisy will burn to dust
Salvation embrace the land
Hypocrisy will burn to dust
Salvation embrace the land

Come and light the sky like a flame
Take our tears and make them rain
The fire that burns inside us has fade
Broken in our thoughts we will never know
How blind we were

03. My Sanctuary

Broken flowers inside my head
Empty feelings of my innocent sense
So confused are all to me
Echoes of a lifetime sadness there will be
All it came to me like a flashback
Dead places of one beautiful vision
That gives to me the eyes to see
Behind this memory of illusion

Drop-One tear in my mouth
Stare-My face and take the crown
Feel-My last farewell
Here down in my sanctuary

Colours with strange shapes I can see
Violate my body to be free
But I dont care about my freedom
I like myself inside of this
It gives me the feeling of confused
So let me taste this madness
Before i vanish from your eyes
And take away your last goodbye

In this place i never know how blind i was
Until this time.....Take me
My only wish to burn the sky

04. Eternity

Eternity be my course
Sounds of the prophets
And eternity be my oath
Sorrow of the solitude
I call the spell, the mysterious spell in my eyes
I am liberated and proud i am into my kingdom

Welcome to eternity
Welcome to the edge of sanity
Welcome to eternity
This is my command

Eternity be my way
Life is what I hate
And eternity be my fear
Inside this empty halls
Burn my flesh and see
That I am still awake
Here down below
Stuck in eternity

05. Blynd Visions

I see in your eyes
The fire that burns your soul
Stranger in this world
Believe in what you told

The system rising higher
Mankind cries for peace
War to human rights
False to there believes

Sit back and enjoy the gunshots in the night
And then wonder if you will still be alive

Time will show, time will end
Somewhere, somehow will be the end
Another war, another song
Will remind you; take what is yours

All this life, all this lies
Brainwash peoples minds
Eyes betrayed for their sins
An era of human machine

So fight for what you believe
And fight for what you love
And all will come back
In this destruction pit
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