ARKHON - I Am The Skull

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Type: Demo
Year: 2005


01. Human

02. Neatherscurrial

03. Idols of the Macabre

04. Deathborn Caress

05.  Vanity


01. Human

Spectrums unleash bolts of scarlet lighting
Blinding the all-seeing eye
The chains that bind our burning spheres
Bearing league the holy lie
As the pain is numb inwrought ideals
Drowning cries in grim delight
Leaden skies are still crying out for justice
Breeding filth in iron might

Such are the winds that breathe indifference
Virgin tongue of reversed decay

Wear the masks of flesh and fake all needs
Corruption fed among the strong
Where false prophets lay dead,enlighten effect
Power heads lie to be sworn
To rise an age of regrets remain
Ill will strikes in the need for more
The executioners of faith hide behind gold garments
Their silence projects past lore

Such are the flames that ablaze all changing
Demented words of obscure dismay

"I pledge allegiance to a set of values
That will strip away my identity and thoughts;
My life is in the hands of a faceless leader
And I shall die in the name of greed and God"

Ideals sacrifice as morals diminish
Liberty bears hunger and hope a distant thought
An execution for every demand of truth
And to crucify the soul of all martyrs sought

The human dress is forged iron
The human form a fiery forge
The human face a sealed furnace
The human heart a hungry gorge
(William Blake)

02. Neatherscurrial

Oh wingless demon, your silence's provoking me
Soulhealer, fearless sense master the deceit
Oh fragile creature masquerade ferocity
Gruesome kiss, sensual grasp, breed in this cell with lust

Conspiracy occurs in perfect sleep on through reality
Dancers under twilight evoked in pure insanity
Isn’t strange of how entwined are man and beast,
The sea and sky, sealed within, in mirrored destiny

Rapt me with your innocence
Seduce me with your lies
Form shapes in the night sky
Grand passage to the end

Cover wrath with lustful wings
Glare behind the mirror blind
From neatheworld to be unleashed
Unpure inshame deep within

Oh shape shifter with mirrors always blinding me
Reaping through, scurrilous odour of defeat
Sole Deceiver degenerate reality
Demented being, pure in soul, rotten to the deepest core

Ominous in signs to suffer
Venomous bites of touch
Vanquish in astral matter
Fester the earth with wrath

No longer the dark I fear
For I know inside it am the worst
Look at the stars, they exist for nothing
Just companions to forgotten dreams

All above a weary map of the world
Painted on the darkest canvas
Part of the same still darkness
Where forgiveness is slain

Enlighten all patterns into extreme
Curve me elusive yet forbid
Your silence's temps me wise
A kiss that paralyse

I fear that soon this cold shell
Will only bring violent birth
And like hellfire burn
To awake all passions

It seems that the stars are useless ornaments
And the moon a dusty chest of dreams
This is the soulless silent beauty that weakly redeems
A wild dance of colours, flirting like snowflakes in the dark
Medieval falls and speechless winters, the predators scar
My Hell of Wonders

03. Idols of the Macabre

Soliciting screaming may be the death of it all
While to burn the desires has aflame the unknown
Fragments combine to stain my forever
Unleash the minds realm and touch my inner fear

Solitary and still the indulgence neglect
Red mass would be this ceremonial wreck
Lost inside the void to stand still in time
Smiles freeze in the great macambre tide

Failed attempts to capture moments
Frames that contain the horrors of a second

Idols(silent) they laugh in distress
Idols(silent) they cry in success

For they may be hanged on walls and then be crucified
Such are the victims, of tomorrow

Idols(silent) they lie in distress
Idols(silent) they die in success

In the dark do you see of what you give to me?
For what is seems is not and shall forever be
In the dark I release all the colors bleed
For what is seems is not and shall forever be

Diversity at its finest extreme
Poisoned wounds are forged dreams
Irony has wondered through
Offering gifts single handedly

Soliciting screaming was the death of it all
When desires were burnt to promise the unknown
Fragments combined failed to be stained by my never
Destroy the mind's realm and rape my inner fear

From the past and to last in all visions dark
They conceived in idols, words and scriptures
From the past and to last in all visions dark
They conceived in idols, words and scriptures

04. Deathborn Caress

Theres no greatest punishment than to be born alive.
No greatest essence of revenge, a reason to pacify.

Come night caress my mischiefs
Blanket my bed with the skin of the dead
Offer me thy gifts
Scourge and malice: blossoms of my sin
Through the furious words of winter
Beyond the leprosy of grief
A silver path summoned the nature
To follow it in destinations bleak

She who is the vessel whose flesh is as the earth
Life everlasting world without an end
Fallen Naked Shattered and Worn
Wretched Ruined Scattered and Torn
Where thirst becomes as torture
In cleansing shadows firm
As burning and as fever
Vague sorrow lies beneath

A wish not to be born alive
Has always worked as a maelstrom of thoughts
Yet it always has prevailed
Despite the elegancy of hope
The burden is as conspiracy
Sadistically pure
Waged in deep cracks before me
Blessed are offerings conceived

Wondering Fearing Doubting Dreaming
Dreams no mortals, ever dared to dream before(E.A.Poe)
Raging Failing Dying Screaming
Screams of the immortal siren's song

The nights weeping melody
A Symphony that holds the truth
Temptation leads to lament
The scorched blood stained Death Born Caress

In the nights of revolving trauma
Sick souls arise howling still
On dark seas distorted visions
Beneath moonlit skies angels unseen
Never such, innocence, never before nor since
Masochistic orbit this morbid love is
A wicked thought with a trembling kiss
Forever these dreams, forever, eternal and still
Earth's burning fluids, liquids of the core
Carnal nectars flesh sweet shore
A desire to devour all blessings pure
Ravage on these wonders tainted true
Where beginning meets the end
Memories drift in grave possession

She was lain in our jasmine wedding bed, a horror queen
precious in the night
My seduced Persephone with her raven black hair
ivory skin, her green like rotting flesh eyes
Would she welcome a wretched life condemned in the fields
of erotic sickness
Man of God since they chose a pariah to be sworn
To contempt and destroy this heathen
But as her heartbeat begins to flame i realise the
Wonders (atrocities)(of flesh)
And the pulse of poisoned carmine lips, dare the cross the heart
To kiss with foul commandments.

A vow committed cannot be broken and undone, search well the measures.
They belong nor to silence, nor to reason where the stench of
Deception concludes the just treason.
Lay down this shameful instrument that weight as a weakened symbol
Presenting the decline of perfection.
Hold kin the nocturnal shroud decay, from love, to love
And in the name of death shall torn apart.

There my dreams were crimsoned
There your dreams I crimsoned
Then my dreams were crimsoned
Then your dreams I crimsoned

The sun is a glistening sword
And so He stroke
With a through thrusting fire
Upon our love of scorn
Demon poetry still whispers to me
But what am I but a pawn
In this solemn divine tragedy

Black Orchids for my wedding day in Hell.

05. Vanity


This sombre sunset, foretold a story black
Where dread devices rapture lethiferus marks
For it exists in whispers, insanity's embrace
Skullptured in bloodfountains ageless through time

Like a rotten halo the crown we once seized
Illusive stillness surrounds the creed
An apocalyptic perversion of reality, hide behind
The structure where thorns invade the skin
Knowledge and Communion, Intuition in Divine Core, Spirits Gold
Amethysts and Rubies, Emeralds and Crystal Seeds, Vital Needs
Offerings from a transcended source,
Dance on a razor blade, a throne made to haunt
Chanting hymns that strip away materialistic life
Wont forfeit the illusion of tainted light
A secret buried inside desire where old horrors dwelled
Brought forth by shrieks of pain knell
For it was crafted in the coldest lakes of heart
When the human seized to exist never meant to last
There rose ambition and it spewed forth creation
Lost in a spiral annihilated myth

Capture the embodiment, a glance of what
Will come, a martyr's skullptured agony
Portrayed in a trance.
Foolishly i pushed my reflection aside,
Lost track of time to admire this obsidian fall.
As salvation screamed and bled, Vanity's name; all scars
Are moon full-filled shedding love in vain
From the deepest depths a skull may rise, as bleeding
Monoliths where sightless serpents writhe
The autumn leaves and burning cold have a found
a nest inside my soul.
Walk through the forest of the liar, wonder through
The halls of my betrayal, feel awe before my creation
Let fear respect no more
As pillars stand before us heavenly sick, an oath justified
The vision may complete
Haunted solitude: these crushing thoughts, the Grandeur
Punishes-restless err control.
How daring an ambition yet how deep, Vanity, welcome
the shelter of grief
On the sand i see your towers made of pride, walls to
Protect me from all lifeless ambitions
Promises and hopes scream
Vanity, i call thee to rise!
The driving force to satisfy desire, would it be enough? So feed upon your self!


Such virtues are of demons by divinity repelled
And will track down the weakest wall
The vein of the vainest of emotions and charge unto them
With shameful force
If there lies morality raped and feelings dead from old
To feed with judgement before wavered twilight, then
Shame unto the obsidian fall
Pierced by the atrocities of these almost dead actions,
This vague illusion has commanded all the stars astray.
A liars coil swiftly seduced the newborn and shared the
Poison of aspiration not to man, but to God.
Where as beauty and wisdom once dwelled upon the seas
Of Sanitikyll, both were blinded by the reflections of
The Sun. Pride's cloak the catalyst, and at night moonlit
Rays fell upon the vanity blade, sacrificed, naked
To suffer like their hosts.

a grotesque orb that bears the figures of man
Swiftly crafted, in fountains pour blood. Bathed in dreams
Drowned in forgiving, died for ambition and reincarnate in betrayal.
Reason fled in visions that would never be conceived
it feeds in promise, it feasts with revenge
Embraces aspiration, joys decayed breathe
Stranded in a fall, the halls are filled with mirrors
Feed with reflections become one's own creation, be thy fear, need none, be
thou seer, still numb
Would betrayal laugh and salvation break down in tears ( a torn facade)
To realise my vision now.

Violently Vanity Welcome me inside

Ancient dream despair, be gone ill-faded vision
I fed judgment for the first rays of light
Bleed with hollow eyes, one sculptured truth
When aspire my only delight, Triumph and I Fall