ARKHON - Tainted Dogma

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Type: Demo
Year: 2004


01. The Tenth Archon

02. Tear on the Heart

03. Santes Sanctorum

04. Bloodwing Rebellion

05. Tainted Dogma

06.  At the Rotting Gates of Heaven


01. The Tenth Archon

He who rules the realm
He who dwells with fear
Lord of wasteland
Exiled in outland

Demon of carnation
Mercenary undead
Defined the creation
Eternal curse

Obey the Tenth Archon
Bloodruler of Doom
Master of Destruction
Keeper of the Tomb

Obey the Tenth Archon
Obsurce Mighty Lord
He who holds the Key
Defended of Ancient Lor

Under red skies
Like eyes ablaze

Undefeated Tyrant
Human Titan
Mighty Dragon
the Tenth Archon

Majesty Divine
Ruthless King
Purity Defiled
Last of Kind

Obey the Tenth Archon
Obey His Command
Apocalyptic Prophet
Our Faith in His Hands

Obey the Tenth Archon
Or be Forever Damned
Face Immortal Wrath
Enslaved in Mortal Land

02. Tear on the Heart

Behind sanity
lies a beast unknown
Away from reality
Pure breed of human spawn

Fear and wreck inside
tthe newborns crypt
they came to destroy
to harvest and to rip

tear on the hand that was betrayed
tear on the heart that witnessed pain

Rip all pride
and mortal thoughts
Burnt with discrace
To rape the virgin soul

Betrayed he awakes
in emetic walls
Its theirs to swallow
To choke on the horror

tear on the heart that was raped
tear on the heart with the curse,named;

Inside the eye burning divine
Touch the light with eternal night

Curse my fate and bastard race
Taste my hate blessed in rage

Rape my soul torn is the world
Rip my faith clear my minds maze

Life is dead by creating the end
Eternal damnation-Behold your creation

03. Santes Sanctorum

Feed on a life in doubt
Leathargy made of shroud
Blindes what we see
The emptiness that we

Feel the acidic burn
Taste the synthetic hell
Breath the toxic stench
Dream the mechanic end

Those who can breath can never live
Those who can taste can never feed
Those who can dream can never sleep
Those who can touch can never feel

Open your eyes and you will see
The wonders of divinity

Tommorows truth lies so away
Future in the wind,dancing flame

Live a figured life
Evolution of the mind
Creation of soulless breed
Join the killing spree

04. Bloodwing Rebellion

Fear the Horde of Decay
Drown the Hope to Enslave

A fallen hero,a blackened name
Liberate this wicked place
Followers of black denial
Keepers of the opposing fire

Break the chains of tyranny
Blood on the wings of Destiny

Drown the Hope to Enslave
Fear the Horde of Decay

Rebellious nature act of war
Bastard child of political whores
The pawns are made to drown in agony
Blood Division Hail to Apathy

Echoes through eternity
Feed the beast of misery

Empty coffins to the grave
Dancing candles in the rain
Chaotic sky full with flames
In napalm and lead burn

05. Tainted Dogma

Heavy words of obscenity found
Hollow words of illogical doubt
Holy House built on deceit
Virtue kindles with sin

"the truth we always seek,
cannot be found. For it can
question the whole meaning of
existance;for one to understand
all the majesty of a truth so divine,
one has to form shapes for filth and sin.
Behind the looking glass,Its waiting
like a whore with legs spread.
It is a truth so unpure,yet so clear
that the eyes have to be ripped like the
newborn from the womb.We are the truth
inside the lie.Tainted under wicked skies"

Order of human desires
Baptised in funeral fire
Flames of hedonism set free
Ten horns to crown a fallen prince

Tranquillity Infected - Tainted Dogma
Innocent Still We Are - Tainted Dogma
Diseased Yet So Pure - Tainted Dogma
Embrace The Truth Of Not - Tainted Dogma

Apostles of the Bottomless Pit
Mystic reason knowledge is key
Break the walls of Pandora's box
Allow human mind to become God

We Are Sin - Tainted
We Are Pure - Dogma

06. At the Rotting Gates of Heaven

The sweet red rose turns to black
Infernal Beauty turns to Wrath
Veils of darkness cover forever
Heaven denied always and never

Odor of Death/Another Way
Stench of Life/Bitter Remain

A Bleak Existance/Oblivion Eyes
Unjustified Fall/Bitter Lies

"Quamquamin in fuadis inferiorum sumus oculos angelorum tenemibus"
"Nevertheless,it is the cause that we enter hell:we have the eyes of angels"
(Clive Barker)

End the thirst with damnation's wine
Forbidden drink forbidden sight
Shadowstar: behold the sign

A fable journey ends
The Act of love the art of death
Disquised in infected domain
Death is mercy without shame

The punishment of serpent's rose
the emptiness feeding raw
Crimson thorns curse thy fate
Pedals like ironcladed blades

The rotten rose forever black
Infernal beaty embraces wrath
Veils of darkness always and never
Heaven's cold freezing forever