BLOODBROTHERS - A Compilation of Recordings by Rock Bands from Cyprus

Bloodbrothers, is a compilation album that presents rock & metal bands of the early 90's.
Released in 1997.
As the producers of the compilation said: Somebody said that rock music is "a way of life". What a load of bull! Rock music is about passion. And we think you'll find tons of passion on this CD.

Produced by: Laughing Stock Disks (LSD)
Type: Compilation
Year: 1997


01. Diphtheria - Living to Die
02. Regicide - Infant Whore
03. Armageddon - Times of Frustration
04. Gangland - The Young Ones
05. Gangland - Introduction to a Dream/Dream Killer
06. Scotoma - Action Speaks Louder than Words
07. Scotoma - Realife
08. Regicide - Progressive Entrapment
09. Diphtheria - As Darkness Casts its Veil
10. Blueray - Fairytale
11. Timothy G. - Shine On
12. Lefteris Moumdjis - Run Naked
13. White City (W.C.) - Shiny