ARRAYAN PATH - Ira Imperium

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Pitch Black Records
Genre: Epic Power Metal
Type: Full-Length
Year: 2011
Label: Pitch Black Records
01. Dies Irae
02. Gnosis of Prometheus
03. Ira Imperium (The Damned)
04. Kiss of Kali
05. Katherine of Aragon
06. 77 Days ’til Doomsday
07. Emir of the Faithful
08. Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti
09. Amenophis
10. Lost Ithaca
11. I Sail Across the Seven Seas
12. The Fall of Mardonius
13. The Poet Aftermath (Bonus)
1. Dies Irae
Always, when you're dying in your Hell
Remember well, Remember well
Always, that you brought this on yourself
To die in Hell, within my Hell
A fear inside
Always, when you're melting in your lust
Just remember the sins of your past
Cause I, I have coem here to collect
And you God is not around
Lately, He's never around
Dies Irae
I sometimes hear Her
Oh how they fear Her
Silence is forever
Pain is when She's nearer
Pay the price
On Dies Irae
Souls all across the universe
Men who failed, who have loved and lost
What they didn't understand
There's no such thing as a second chance
God sends you war
So that you can cherish peace
The Devil sends Her
To make sure you never find it
2. Gnosis of Prometheus
Wings of fire
Through the endless seas
That's what they've done to me
God's desire is for me to flee
And heal my soul from pain
Finally, I endured the pain although
The blood ran free
Eaten slowly by a vicious bird
For life eternally
Feel sad with the tears of the angels
We've counting the years of the sun
Alone, we're the sons of forever
And the night will take our soul to He
That will lead us all eternally
I'm gazing the life of heroes
They're sailing to the unknown
Alone we're the sons of forever
Take the gnosis of Prometheus,
Gnosis of prometheus
On the rock, I have seen
The lives of heroes and decay
Out of reach from the world
I long for rain
to wash my wounds from pain
Tormentor, betrayer and soul collector
Inventor, protector,
Don't pray to the man deceptor
Malefactor, reactor, deceiver,
Uproarious actor
Affector, affector,
Well here comes your flesh dissector
3. Ira Imperium (The Damned)
Descend from your almighty skies
And take the law in your hands
For the land, for the tears that we cried
And the fears we shared,
For the damned and the heroes
That died in vain
Are they the ones betrayed?
Ira Imperium
Now feel their anger crash your heart
Ira Imperium
It's time for you to play your part
Ira Imperium,
You'll see the things
That they'll let you see
How does it feel To be the damned
Ira Imperium
It's time to fell the wrath of the Gods
Cause we are their children,
Their forgotten ones
For the lust that we felt
And the lust that we once shared,
For the sins, for the greed,
And the kill
We never cared
4. Kiss of Kali
Dark one, take me away
I want to feel the death in your eyes
We fall down on our bending knees
For the kiss that you have deprived
Shiva, She will arise
You'll remain the light in our pathways
Now hope, is all that's left for me
Don't you take it away
Your love, sapphire
You'll never know,
You're lifting me higher
Her own, messiah
Our endless road
We praise, whispering our wishes
Take our hearts, we give them to you
All around, destruction you will bring
Your kingdom is night
Your kingdom come
Eternal energy
Oh lord forget me the slayer
Years and years
To stand and face the fears
Oh lord forgot me
Your love, sapphire
You'll never know,
You're lifting me higher
Her own, messiah
Our endless road, Narayana
The kiss of Kali, your solemn hour
Shivali, Maya
5. Katherine of Aragon
I am the heart of a queen who died in vain
I've been through Hell,
No words can tell an unbearable pain
My tribulations are so great
My life disturbed
Betrayed by kings and men
Who never saw my worth
But then an angel
Came to whisper in my ear
For the illusion of a paintless society
But with a broken heart
I sail to the unknown
I failed to see
When the fire flame dies in your eyes
What a life, a rigorous testament
All I want is the fear in the raven's eyes
And the pain of a lifeless forever
I've been through Hell,
I've been through evil-minded wars
I handle the pain
Because the king won't hear my thoughts
Kimbolton castle is to be my early grave
I felt all the loss
Like I died a cross an unbearable rain
Like when you fail
To find the path to ease your pain
Sometimes you need to fin
The strenght just to sail away
Will remember my name
(Katherine of Aragon)
Walking through the dark
path of my life
Serpents crawling around your feet
Searching for more than shadows,
a sign
A peaceful place for me to sleep
A flash of lightning
shows me the way
Yet the falling thunder
blares my mind
I feel so trapped,
I've something to say
but no one is there to hear my cries
I want to live but I don't have a life
To get one, I know I must die
It's so ironic, it makes me scream
Just like a big man in a room of steam
Hell! I need help right now!
To end my torture, bare my crown
I need you,
it was a mistake for us to part
I love you, you're mine
You defiled, the betrayed
Katerina oh so sad
And your fights will remain
In eternity, in our dreams
6. 77 Days 'til Doomsday
It's 2063, and it's the death
Of the last tree
And in this world of great illusions
We are driven in confusion
Our creation, once a miracle
Now destroyed by our hand
We won't live to see 2064
Not in this world
I'm in heaven, 77 days 'til doomsday
Break the circle, 77 days 'til we're gone
Look to the sky and ask Him
"Why'd You let me go?"
We devoured this wonderful kingdom
This is Hell
We're part of it somehow
Self-destructive and hypocritical
This behaviour is so typical
How I wish it made more sense
We won't live to see 2064
Not in this world
This obsession in our heads
7. Emir of the Faithful
A leader of Islam
A warrior with greatness in his heart
A humanitarian
So different from what we know so far
Commander of the faithful
Against the French invaders
He became triumphant
(He became the leader)
He is the sun
The true side of Quran
(Emir of the faithful, the war machine,
Faithful among the seven tribes)
He is the one
The true side of Quran
(Another faith or another king
Fell under his protective wing)
Enduring the death
Providing unity for men
A middle-east warrior
He was admired by the French
He released the Damascus
See the greatness in his soul
8. Hollow Eyes of Nefertiti
From Ahmose-Nefertari
Love of King Akhenaten
Royal mistress of on chariots
And a beauty like Isis
True believer in Aten
No more different
Than traditional gods
They embraced all his wisdom
The queen and the love of her life
Now, fallen from grace
She was erased
From the scriptures of history
What a way to die, so young in mind
It remains a mystery
From the lands of Anubis
And the soil of Osiris
And the falcon-god Horus
Oh wrath of Isis
Riddles, always unsolved,
A world of its own
So many questions
Why, we see on the walls
Spirits and wars
And who made the pyramids
He is the spirit god
She is the flame of all
She is the one
The devourer of his words
A falcon who eats the snake
To show its desert reign
Stole the soul of Amhenotep the 4th
From the king of the desert, Seth
To the chariot of the god Ra
And the glory of Hathor
And Amun the creator
Hollow eyes of Nefertiti
Queen of all disguises and hope
Without mercy,
she will reign millenniums
Goddess of humanity,
she's the ruler of the stars
9. Amenophis
Behold the king,
The 18th dynasty
Has come to an end
And no-one to explain
How they went so far
For 38 years of zero rain
In a land of sun
He brought the rain
To those who remained
Forever by his side
Amenophis made us feel no pain
Formed a world
As we know it today
Still we're hoping for a better day
Still' our lives
Won't need to fade away
He our life's intellectual reign
He the taker of all that is pain
He brought prosperity
He killed our vanity, avoided war
Commissioned the temple
The beautiful temple of Luxor
Diplomacy and economic growth
The Egypt of our dreams
400 tablets all made of clay
Will reveal what he said
Words I fear, idols of humanity
Words I fear, fear no christianity
10. Lost Ithaca
Oime, what have I become?
A wanderer, I am roaming the seven seas
Oh how I crave to leave the darkness
Oh wise one don't take my flame away
My heart will stay with her forever
A hero, a warrior, a slayer
In the seven seas
In the dark evil seven seas
In the cold silent seven seas
I will dwell forevermore
You are the deceiver, the fool
The devourer, the tool
And you're breaking all my rules
You dare to come into my house
And insult my spouse
But I'm coming for you
Oh Athena
Rescue me from this evil
Well I've been through worse
As I recall, the sirens are calling
The one-eyed is falling
Across the deadly sea
That's how I came to be
A hero of my land, oh my lost Ithaca
I've been through war and pain
I know it was in vain
If not for the Trojan horse
The walls would never fall
I faced the giant beast
The witch that gave me peace
The snake.eyed siren song
That put my heart at ease
The suitors failed to see
That they could not compete
And as I strained the bow
And cleaned the floor from teeth
My thoughts went to my son
Watching the setting sun,
He is the only one,
The strength to carry on
As I recall the years
I fought a thousand fears
The view of Ithaca, beloved Ithaca
11. I Sail Across the Seven Seas
Warrior, won't you dive
Into the depths of Hades
Warrior, won't you dive
Into the depths of Hades
You chose the wrong time to tell me lies
Your soul put prison for a price
Your kind will be slaughtered here at
The court of Odysseus
Warrior, won't you dive
Into the depths of Hades
What kept me going through the war
Was a vision of a kingdom that I saw
A sweet embrace awaiting
So may years now lost in the ancient
Winds that will take me back
To the one I love
You'll see his shadow appear before thee
And you will see what it takes to be king
I found my way into a dream of war
And things of what you will never know
I saw what it means "want it all"
And you won't borrow
You won't sell my dream
With your deception or so it seems
I sail across the seven seas
You chose the wrong time to tell me lies
Your soul put prison for a price
Your kind will be slaughtered here at
The court of Odysseus
Lord of this house, king of the island
In your deforming eyes
My son, I missed all the tears that he shed
The trees the mountains
The soil they have bled
I found my way into a dream of war
And things
Of what you will never know
I saw it all
Sometimes more than I wanna know
Burning my dreams in my mind
Or so it seams
Cause I sail across the seven seas
12. The Fall of Mardonius
The time for battle has come
For Greece to crash the Persians
In Boeotia in 479 B.C.
They formed alliances of mighty strength
Of Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens
The future of their descendants
Lies upon their hands
March, march with shields of steel
Break the enemy in the fields
Raise your swords, take their heads
Holocaust, realities of war
Dark is their spell
Hover the mist
Hollow the wheel carries on
Over and over and over again
Life is devoured by the war
Silent and deadly the fall
The Persians fought with rage in war
The Greeks instead
They fought with might and soul
They killed Mardonius the leader
A slaughter so untold
Revenge for Thermopylae finally came
But what cam after was the Marathon
The one that finally put an end
To this war, to this war
Dark is their spell
Hover the mist
Hollow the wheel carries on
Over and over and over again
Life is devoured by the war
Silent and deadly the fall
The fall of Mardonius
13. The Poet Aftermath
She was all the pain in his poems
She was driven by insanity for love
Then they said there's magic in his hands
'cause when you read his scripts
You fall into misery
I will live forever and a day
Take the slender veil
And throw it on the flames
Of endless pyre
When the fallen angel
Sings to me of all I desire
I fall apart
Sinful smile, oh how you let me go
Everything he wrote
Was everything to come
Bloody ink will only heal my pain
To reveal to me that we all die in vain
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