Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Type: EP
Year: 2005

01. I Lose my mind

02. Obliterate

03. Spanws of Society

04.  Confined


1. I Lose My Mind

She stood by the doorway
Silent as always never saying much.
Her eyes like mirrors
Betraying all the secrets of the heart.
She never said nothing
And she left me standing in the dark
I lose my… mind x4

You chose to live left me behind
The path you walk I cannot find
Scared my stars no longer shine
Lost in space in distant time

Hold on my tired heart
We’ve been through a lot
But worse is still to come
Pain never runs out on us

I lose my mind every time
Thinking of you ‘till years don’t hide
My mind is lost in its prime
The cost of love an endless crime

2. Obliterate

I fought alone wounded my own
Tears through the night why, I don’t know
Though with despair drenched in agony
I know I will overcome

Fly, I will someday fly
At night I crave the sky
I see me, I’m beyond
Far where I’m not a waist
I’m so far out of sight
I can’t hear your cries
So here behold
From your eyes it will unfold

As I read between the lines
I discovered hidden lies
The result of their stories
Was the vulnerability of my spirit
But I cannot accept demise

Deny don’t conform
Beliefs you must confirm
To see beyond the glow
There I’m not alone
Free devoid of others
Supremacy is new to me
A power never ending grace
Smothers my hating face

I wondered and pondered in the night
When in silence I disappear
Would tumble over me
As I slept through the night

Every night I bleed
Every night I need
Every night I see
What I’ll never be
In my eyes you’ll cry
In my heart you’ll twist
In my mind you are lost
I never count the cost

3. Spanws of Society

People around me
Brought me to a halt
Society distorted me
Forged me, created me
And now I hide
Behind my mask

Liars, hypocrites, pseudosists
Now you pay the price
No more human sacrifice
You forced upon you your demise

Soon I will explode
I’m close to overload
The mask will fall
Leaders will crawl

Now see my face
You fell from grace
Reflects your soul
The ending of you all

4. Confined

Thoughts of despair wound my soul
Will we forget what is true in our hearts
Time is sincere though it always draws near
The pain and the anguish I will bear

The dust in the air craves my stone
I feel, I see don’t leave me behind
Truth isn’t clear it’s symbolic fear
All our lives we are victims to time

Words burn like fire
Their smoke outlasts the years
Embedded inside me
Won’t stop till they mark my heart

Can you see me
I know mirrors hurt sometimes
Can you feel me
I’m drowning without a dream