GRIM REAPER @ Kingston Rock City, Limassol - Live Report

GRIM REAPER (UK) - Live In Cyprus (Kingston Rock City - Limassol 16/11/2011) Support Bands: RUST (CY), Solitary Sabred (CY)

On Wednesday, 16th of November, at Kingston bar in Limassol, Grim Reaper
visited us, in the context of the concerts given in Greece and Cyprus.
The Kingston is one of the most nice bars in Cyprus at the moment, with my only complaint that the stage is somewhat small. Especially for R.U.S.T. I was sure that they would not fit up there!
The doors opened about at 8, without much delay, however, was an unreasonable and unjustifiable delay in the start of the concert! The Solitary Sabred got on stage after the 9:30 and was ready by 8:30! Watching the movements of the band, I realized that the owner of Kingston was the reason for the delay, but I couldn't understand why ... Anyway, at 9:30 the trip was about to begin.


Got on stage with a lot of energy, after some time absent from the concerts. Personally last time I saw them was at the Power of the Night of 2010 and if I'm not mistaken, did not appear anywhere else since. They had a change - a surprise in their composition, changed the drummer. Indeed the young man who sat behind the drum set seemed very talented!

The Solitary Sabred played the epic heavy / power metal with a particular mood, while the audience sang with them. The Solitary Sabred is a very popular band on the island and even announced that they are preparing a new album, which is intended to be released in 2012. They played a bit of this, and if I understand correctly, it is a concept album, which should be very interesting!

There were no problems with the sound (unlike last year at POTN had faced too many) and showed a very good set list, with enthusiasm and vitality.


The baton was taken by R.U.S.T. who went on stage for the first time since the release of their album "Forged in the Fire of Metal".

Unfortunately for R.U.S.T. the sound was the worst thing of the show... Tasos' microphone (singer) was cut - at two, three times in very important points - and the guitars are barely heard, especially in the solo that we expected to hear...

The band did their best up there, but I  am personally disappointed with the outcome. At least we get pleasure, with their last piece "Queen of the Amazons" which is the only song that has been heard correctly from beginning till the end.

We had a surprise during the show, a new track that I do not put my hand on fire that I heard it correctly (cause of the sound). But it seemed pretty good.

"The Thunder Rolls", "Kain", "Metal Child" along with the aforementioned "Queen of the Amazons" were the highlights of their presence.


Finally the headliners Grim Reaper got on stage. Several energetic, with Steve Grimmett making jokes about his similarity with Venizelos. The Steve seemed to keep his voice in such good shape, but he didn't reach the old high-level voice, but the people did that for him!

The other Grim Reapers were very mobile and together they played several songs from their first albums. They started with my favorite "Rock You To Hell" and continued with "Lust For Freedom", "Matter Of Time", "Never Coming Back", "Rock Me" Till I Die "," Now or Never ". Somewhere we threw a dry "goodnight".

Of course there was no way to leave like that, so at the prompting of the world, went back to the stage to dedicate the "Don't Talk to Strangers", the late Ronnie James Dio. But they didn't stop there and continued with "Final Scream" on one call with the most famous piece, and what you expect from beginning till end, "See You In Hell"

Their appearance did not exceed one hour and ten minutes, but it was exhaustive for them and for me. The sound was pretty good, no problems (thankfully), and the people showed his love for the band throughout their appearance.

Many people had come around to see them, I think it should be passed to 200 people and even in a time of missing students abroad. So a great respect for all who attended! Of course we must thank the organizers for the opportunity given us to enjoy this historic band!

Antonis Katsaros