SODOM - Blynd - Vomitile - Live Report @ Avlea 28/11/2011, Nicosia Cyprus

Live Report taken from: -Rock Overdose-
Report by: Antonis "JeyKey" Katsaros
Translated from Greek to English

On Sunday, November 27th, a major event happened in our small country. The big Sodom played live for the first time in front of the, thirsty for metal, audience of Cyprus! The doors was to opened at 21:00 (at least that was the plan), but eventually we were waiting patiently in the cold until about 21:30, which finally opened.

People had accumulated early in the Avlea (one of the best concert venues in the country), showing their support for both the gods of thrash, and the two Cypriot groups they escorted. Around 21:45 the Vomitile went on stage...


The best Death Metal band of Cyprus (and the only pure death metal), appeared. Personally I expected to erase from my memory the last (tragic) time I saw them live. Of course, you do not blame the kids, but bad sound of the stage which had appeared, who betrayed them. But I believe that yesterday's show they did just fine! Although they did not play too long, gave a very dynamic show with Hugo Enrique Olivos (drums), brothers and Khatch and George Yildizian (guitar and bass), Panos Larkou (guitar) to do anything on stage to warm the common cold (we said, we waited so long in the cold until you open the doors). Just outside the climate seemed the singer John Gregory, perhaps cause anxiety. They started with "Obliterating Scourge" which is part of the upcoming first full album of the band entitled "" and is anxiously waiting! Follow with your favorite public "Warcult" before moving to "Decapitation of the gods". Finish with two more new songs from their upcoming album, the "Bastardocrasy" and "Repulsive Postured Gangrene". The songs sound very promising! I have nothing else to say about them, just wait a very, very anxious that disk!


By forth from their appearances in Greece, Blynd climbed on stage and really broke everything! Without exaggeration, I think they made ​​the best appearance (at least those I have seen myself). As time passes the duo on guitars (Constantine and George) tied more and more, without of course lagging behind the rest. The second guitar to Blynd has done miracles! The good of the evening was the announcement of the new album Blynd which will be ready "in two or three months" as Andreas (bass, vocals) said and they played two songs from it, which sounded really good! Panic was in "Rage and Mindgames" and "The Enemy", as on the cover of the Lamb of God.
The audience was with them from the beginning to the end of their appearance and that edeine more energy in the band. The Blynd show that they continue to make steady progress towards the top and they really deserve it!


At the 23:45 Sodom climbed on stage! It is the sixth time watching the German trio and I can say that each time was better! Just the beginning Tom Angelripper who seemed a bit "tired" scared me. As he said himself, was a cold and sore throat. But this had no effect on his performance! The Sodom with exceptional comfort, threw our minds on the wall! What I always liked to Sodom is the simplicity that they have. Displayed without any sign of superiority that Sodom communicate with the audience, did their jokes, played their music, distributed beers and waters in the world (especially those of the first line) and made the show that only they know and can do. Another thing I liked was that they played three songs from "In the Sign of Evil" (the "Outbreak of Evil", "Blasphemer" and "Burst Command til War") revealing that not only forget their past, but have been put high on the wall as an icon, unlike other bands who do not even want to hear about it (eg Paradise Lost - I do not know why, but it was the first band that came to my mind when I wrote this line). Other songs they played (not in that order, but was unable to hold back on anything!) That Sodom was "Bombenhagel", "Iron Fist", "Agent Orange", "Remember the Fallen", "Ausgebombt", ​​"Sodomized "," The Saw is the Law "," Back to War "," Eat Me! "," M.16 "," City of God "," Outbreak of Evil "," In War and Pieces ". I can not remember any other... definitely something played by the "Code Red". But I think "Masquerade in Blood" and "'Til Death Do Us Unite" stayed plaintive, unless I'm wrong...

This concert can be described as one of the best this year in Cyprus, with many people (and "off-season" as they say this time here, because of the lack of students) and very-high spirits of the bands! A big bravo to the organizers who took the initiative (despite the risks) and brought this great band on our island. Also, a big thumbs up from to all the people form Cyprus who came in Nicosia and enjoyed the concert.

Antonis "JeyKey" Katsaros
-Rock Overdose-

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