Sonik Death Monkey - Live Report @ Aalborg Metal Festival (Denmark)

The Cypriot thrash/groove metal band SONIK DEATH MONKEY played on the 3rd day of the festival (5th of November 2011).

Live Report, taken from -Metal Revolution-
"Sonik Death Monkey. A special review has to be made for this band from Cyprus. After a 21-hours odyssey (one way!), they came only for playing 30 minutes here at AMF. How many bands do you think will/can do that? This really shows how hungry for metal and music in general these guys are. With a metal scene that is slowly building up (only 5 serious bands really rocking the scene on that island) and good live concerts finally getting organized (Sepultura and Arch Enemy), SDM arrived and, full of excitement, played their set. Very energetic, with a lot of variations in the music. You could hear, from the solos and melodies, where they came from. Too bad that half of the people didn't stayed inside and listened to this band that was, without any doubts, one of the most original act of the entire festival. Some inexperience managing their live sound didn't cripple their performance. I hope they are coming out with a full album, and a good distribution, really soon. [5/6]"

SDM photos of the festival: -here-