Live Report | Sabaton + R.U.S.T, Limassol-Cyprus, 28 August 2010

When I arrived a bit late at Tepee, I found it almost full and R.U.S.T. were already onstage delivering pure heavy metal as they know best. The temperature was hell-hot! Being in Cyprus in August, in a place with more than 500 people makes mercury rising!

RUST LIVER.U.S.T were chosen by the organizers because of their ability to warm up the crowd. But R.U.S.T did better... They FRIED the crowd! Forged in the Fire of Metal! With the temperature climbing over 40°Celsium they played some of their stuff along with some covers like Omen’s Don’t Fear the Night having a blasting performance as always. They only had some issues with the sound due to technical problems but that didn’t kept them back from kicking asses!

Sabaton LiveAfter the appearance of R.U.S.T. it was the time for the headliners of the night. It was Sabaton who took over the stage. It took them about half an our to get set and solve some sound issues, and THE BATTLE BEGUN! These Swedish Power-metallers took us onboard with them, on their time machine and gave us a trip back in time! With an imaginary Springfield riffle in our hands they placed us among the soldiers of the World War II.
They started the show with the song “Ghost Division” from their Art Of War album. That’s where the crowd begun having destructive attitude! Then followed two songs from their new album, “Uprising” and “Screaming Eagles”, and the destructive attitude was rising just to be peaked on the forth song, the “Panzer Battalion”. You wouldn't like to be in the Sabaton Crowdcrowd during this song and after. Like vicious dogs unleashed they were following the lyrics moshing like maniacs. Tons of energy was released with “Cliffs of Gallipoli” and “Saboteurs” along with “Rise of Evil” and “Aces in Exile”. “Attero Dominatus” was the thin line between fire and explosion. After that the heat was increased tremendous and hellish atmosphere was created.

“Hellrider” and “Panzerkampf” was the Nuclear elements and “COAT OF ARMS” was the spark for the nuclear blast! Needless to say what happened during the “Coat of Arms” song. Hailing the Greek spirit in Cyprus with facts from history in combination with Power Metal is a receipt to create an emotional nuclear bomb. Now imagine that bomb exploding and you have an image of what happened there! “The price of a mile” was in the line just to be followed up with the all time classic “Primo Victoria”. The show ended with a combination of Metal Crue and Metal Machine.
Sabaton CrowdThe band themselves repeated constantly that they were really amazed from the crowd performance and this has to be provided outside the island. Bands worldwide need to know that in this little island there’s a heavy metal revolution and more metal events have to take place yearly!
Congrats to Marios “Il Diavolo” and Stella and Andreas from Tepee for bringing Sabaton to the island and keeping the metal flame burning!
Stay tuned more to come…
It’s close to midnight and it’s barking at he wolves…

Michalis “Starchild” Benakis
*Images taken from the official Tepee Facebook site