Review: ASTRONOMIKON - Dark Gorgon Rising (DEMO 2010)

Country: Cyprus
Genre: Heavy/Epic Metal
Release Year: 2010
Label: Self Released
Format: CD
Buy it from: Sold Out!

Astronomikon is the personal project of Paris Lambrou, known for his contribution on bass guitars in the bands Arryan Path and Prodigal Earth.

First ever release for Astronomikon is the Demo 3-Track CD “Dark Gorgon Rising” released in July 2010. This time, Paris puts on his spacesuit and with a flashback takes us in Ancient Greece, unveiling the story of Perseus and Medusa.

Epic melodies, catchy rhythm and great unique vocal performance by Nicholas Leptos, complete the scene. The self title track can be described as pure lyrism and the “Rocka Rolla Sword” as a powerful punch of an Iron Fist! For those not familiar, Rocka Rolla is the only Heavy Metal Bar in Nicosia/Cyprus, responsible for keeping metal music alive in the island.

Last song on the Demo is an epic ballad, more like a Hymn, under the name “Dramatis Personae”. An emotional storm seems to surround you, as happens always when these two persons play a song of this magnitude together.

Keep an eye on Astronomikon’s myspace page and look for the new upcoming album.
The album is already recorded at Maranis Studios in Germany.

“At Rocka Rolla, We Fight With Steel!”

Review by: Michalis "Starchild" Benakis