Review: Black Knight - Master Of Disaster EP, S/t CD [1985-2005]

Country: Canada
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Release Year: 2005
Label: Cult Metal Classics
Format:  CD

One of the BEST Female Fronted heavy metal bands ever existed on this planet, is Black Knight from Canada.  Back in 1985, they released the masterpiece Master Of Disaster EP which consisted by five powerful tracks. The 12" vinyl today it's a bitch to find since it was a limited edition self released and costs 150$ to gain a copy.

Thankfully Cult Metal Classics reissue Label, in 2005 20 years after the release of the LP, officially released a compilation entitled "Black Knight" that included the Original EP plus 7 more bonus tracks!

The album is just Amazing! It has a HEAVY touch that makes it to reach to your bone!!!
Gorgeous vocals by the one and only Lori Wilde (also known as "The Scream Queen") and impressive guitars come to get combined under exploding melodies. This record has it all!

Songs like "Metal Screams" and "Master Of Disaster" are to be consider Classics. The Ultimate Metal Anthem "Aaraigathor", is what i call the definition of HEAVY METAL. Just listen to the guitar riffs on the song "Dead of Knight", a speed metal holocaust by any means! Endless headbaning with "Born to Rock" and "Day of the Wizard". This monument of steel, comes to an end with two power ballads, the self-titled "Black Knight" and the outstanding "One More Night".

One of my favorite releases and probably my favorite coming out of Canada.

Enjoy the following track from youtube and if you like it, BUY IT!
Michalis "Starchild" Benakis