Review: Carrie- Secrets

Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Year: 1985,reissue 2008
Label: Earthshaker, Keltic Records
Format: LP,CD
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Undoubtedly the Germans were born with Heavy Metal running pure through their veins. A clear example is Carrie. The band hails from North Rhine-Westphalia, a region of formal Prussian Empire.
Carrie made their first appearance in 1984, when they took part in a split album and in 1985 they released their first and final lp with the title Secrets.
I dare say that the band would have probably remained a well-kept secret from me if the record company Keltic Records hadn’t taken the decision to reissue it in cd format in 2008.
The original lp consisted of 10 songs.  Its  reissue includes 9 more songs(  instrumental and alternative versions of the original songs).
The holocaust begins with the song entitled The Show Is Over.  The frontwoman  of the band has an unbelievable voice, she is really a charismatic singer. The guitar riffs make you wanna bang your head to the rhythm of the song, and the drums smash your head.
The next four songs to come The Assassin, Heroes Never Return, The Dance On The Wire and Got To Sort Myself Out continue in the same pattern giving  the listener a lesson: How Pure Heavy Metal is played.
The second half of the album is even better than the first one. The songs My Own Way, Secret Place To Hide, Carrie, Just For One Night and We Rock The Nation, are full of killing guitar riffs and paranoid vocals from Annelen Middendorf, just classic anthems of Heavy Metal genre.
Personal Favorites: My Own Way, I just can’t describe the guitar solo of this song and Carrie because of its keys and riffs.
In this album you won’t find anything out of the ordinary; the band plays heavy metal in its classic form, but they play it really well! Just give Carrie a chance… you won’t regret it!
P.S. Essential for Warlock die-hard fans
Review by: Christos "Loki" Marneros