Review: Chyld - Lite The Nite 7"

Country: Canada
Genre: Power Metal
Release Year: 1986
Label: Chyldish [Private Release]
Format: 7"

Here is one of the finest examples of Canadian Power Metal coming from the 80s.

Chyld were formed in Torondo in 1984 and released only this 7" vinyl in 1986, which consists of two masterpieces.

On the A-Side, is the same-titled song "Lite The Night". Song consists of sharp mid-tempo guitar riffs witch catchy chorus and great vocal performance.

On the other side is the killer song "Ye Morlok". A melodic hymn, with excellent guitarworks followed up by pounding drums and high vocals. Definately a Classic!

For those interested in getting in touch with the band, can talk with Neal Busby (Drummer), on the following email address: n.busby[at]
Michalis "Starchild" Benakis
May 2011