Review: Hrom - Blesk

Country: Canada
Genre: Power Metal
Release Year: 2009
Label: Steel Legacy Records
Format: CD
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Hrom is one of the newcomer bands that are rising in the late of 00s in order to keep alive the flame of our favorite music. With their spirit high, infuenced by the west-style power metal (Canada=Quality!) are giving us some great melodic songs.
Highlights of the album in my humble opinion are the same-named Hrom, Through The Universe, and the bonus Burn Slowly, which is not slowly at all!
Musically speaking the album consist of solid guitarwork, where some good vocals and rythmy drums are following.
In a few words Hrom's Blesk is a nice album, a-pleasure-to-hear and surely makes Hrom one of the promising bands in the future of US-Styled power metal.
Michalis "Starchild" Benakis
April 2011