Review: Manilla Road- Crystal Logic

Country: USA
Genre: Heavy/Epic Metal
Release Year: 1983, reissue 2000
Label: Roadster, Iron Glory Records
Format: CD, LP (Buy Online)

The album that changed my life and made me  start my journey to the undergrounds of our beloved music. 
Crystal Logic is the third album of Manilla Roadand it came out in 1983. On this release the band introduces us to Epic Metal.

A short Prologue travels us to the City Of The Dead and before realizing,  we are lost in Necropolis.  One of the most characteristic guitar riffs of heavy metal… and the journey begins. Mark Shelton, in guitars and vocals, Scott Parks and Rick Fisher, inbass and drums respectively; they are absolutely outstanding.
The ecstasy continues with the track Crystal Logic. Slashing guitars and ‘what a performance’ from Mark Shelton,… this man is unbelievable. The drums are hammering your head and finally ‘Oh my goodness’ that solo!!! I am mesmerized.

The third track to come is the ‘catchy’ Feeling Free Again. An intro which brings to my memory the sound of a videogame with spaceships and then a cheerful melody . May, I admit that this song has the ability to make me feel good.

Then back  to the familiar sound of the album with the track  The Riddle Master. Same pattern: heavy riffs and a solo which sets you on fire.

The Ram. Unstoppable headbanging. A melodic chorus and a blasting drumming!
A tune coming from the grave, a paranoid laugh… The Veils of Negative Existence.  Slow tempo this time, a heavy riff and a theatrical performance by Shelton.
The journey in the fields of Necropolis comes to an end with the hymn Dreams of Eschaton. The opening riff is similar to that of Angel Of Death of Angel Wicth. Whether this is a coincidence or not, it makes little difference to me as the track is stunning both to its heavy and to its soft parts.

Manilla Road plays a major role in Heavy Metal History and my review is just one of the thousands that have been written. I had no intention of introducing the band or the album to you, as most of you are already well aware of its existence. This review is just a small tribute to my favorite band and albums.

P.S. the reissue comes with the killing song Flaming Metal System, which originally appeared on the Shrapnel Records compilation US Metal Vol. 3.

Review by: Christos "Loki" Marneros