Review: Skullview - Metalkill The World

Country: USA
Genre: Heavy/Power Metal
Release Year: 2010
Label: Pure Steel Records
Format: CD, (LP from High Roller Records)
Buy it from: NoRemorse Records

The return of the metal killing machine named Skullview it’s a fact! After the release of band’s frontman Mike "Earthquake" Quimby Lewis from the American jails their fourth full-length album came in August 2010 from Pure Steel records. The new album is entitled “Metalkill the World” and contains Pure f@ckin’ Heavy Metal!

Once you hold the album in your hands and have your first visual contact with it, the cover predispose what to expect! Metal kill the world. And that’s what you get!
The opening of the album is a pure massacre! “Legions of the Star Scroll”! A powerful bass intro and pounding drums giving you a BLAST from the beginning, making you paralyze and leaving you speechless from the blast you just received! Quimby’s unique vocals and performance is remarkable! The blast continues with “The Bruise”, a powerful track with excellent guitar work and rotational melodies. Then comes the self titled track, “Metalkill the World”. A narration/into, and get ready… POINT THE SIGN UP HIGH, METAL TILL YOU DIE! That’s right… Killing riffs and a ton of pure steel comes on you! “Behind the Cell”, “Blind and Unconscious”, both of them are classic Skullview songs, violently vicious and voracious killing riffs followed by hallowed screams! The same with the follow-ups “Defiance, Desperation, Defeat!!” and “Remnants of the Storm”. Endless headbanging and destruction! And all these come to a spectacular end with the closing track “Privilege of Suffering”.

That’s all you have to know, PURE F@CKIN’ HEAVY METAL. This 4 words are enough so get your ass up and go buy this monument of STEEL. With a scale from 0-10 this records takes 12!!!! No1 release for the year 2010! A musthave for all the metalheads!

You can find the Black LP version here and the Coloured here!
Review by: Michalis "Starchild" Benakis