Review: Sortilege - S/t EP

Country: France
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Year: 1983
Label: Rave-On Records
Format: 12" Vinyl EP, Reissue on CD
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This is one of my favorite EPs and probably my all time favorite EP coming out of France. This is the first official release from the Metal Legends Sortilege, after their two Demo Tapes. It was released in 1983 by Rave On records.
The EP consists of five FULL METAL tracks where the vocals along with the guiarwork are simply magnificent!
You’ll definitely find yourself lost in the rhythmic riffs of “Progeniture” and “Glatiateur”, kneel before the screams of “Sortilege”, travel through time with the glorious “Amazone” and of course get thrilled by the riffs of “Bourreau”.
The EP was first released on black cover with pink artwork and then re-released with red artwork. There are rumors that an orange version also exists but I haven’t seen one myself yet.
Overall, a PERFECT EP that should not be missed from any Heavy Metal collection!
Michalis "Starchild" Benakis
November 2011