Review: Unicorn - The Legend Returns

Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Year: 1987
Label: Private Release, E.M.S-Eastwood
Format: 12" Vinyl EP
Buy it from: Unavailable

One of the most powerfull heavy metal records coming out from Germany is this EP recorded in 1987 by this underground band.
Once you look the album's artwork you getting prepared to receive tons of pure steel. And that's what you get! Pure Powerfull Heavy Metal!

The tracklist consist of four tracks, starting with "The Last Command" a melodic heavy riff-oriented song, with great guitar work remind Liege Lord in their early works!
Then follows the majestic "Eyes On Fire", with a ballanded intro, but with a headbanging sourcing bridge and choring voices completing the scene.
Third on the line comes "The Return Of The Legend". Personally is my favorite track from this outstanding EP! An EPIC seven-minute song filled with emotions, choiring vocals, fantastic guitar riffs, solos, music changes!
And all this followed by the last song called "Children Of Tomorrow", to close the chapter of Unicorn. A more soft song, with slow tempo and a more melodic solo.

In conclusion just to mention the Collector Value of this GEM and say that only 500 LPs were made and were all printed on Clear LP. Once you find it, make sure you'll get it! A must for the fans of GERMAN HEAVY METAL!

Review by: Michalis "Starchild" Benakis