Arrayan Path - 4th Album Details Revealed

Update By The Band
Our new album ‘IV:Stigmata’ will be a concept album and our first concept album to date.
It will not be one story that starts with the first song and ends with the last but it will have a common denominator. RELIGION. It is a recollection of our thoughts and feelings about the hypocrisy behind all religions, different stories from the biblical times as seen from our point of view and the battle between good and evil, not between God and the devil (we can’t comment on things that are beyond our comprehension) but good and evil within the frames of religion. Corruption, Injustice, Misconceptions, Hate....

As far as the music is concerned, we can’t say much at the moment but we’re guessing that it will be the most melodic album we have ever created. It will also feature a few guests (to be announced soon)! We’ll get back to you around summertime!