Genre: Heavy Metal
Hometown: Nicosia
Andreas Pougioukkas (Vocals)
Christos Papadopoulos (Guitars)
Andreas Kasapis (Guitars)
Christis Isseyegh (Drums)
Mike Papapavlou (Bass)
Lethal Saint Demo 2007
Lethal Saint Full-Length 2010
Saint Strikes Back Single 2011
The Cypriot 80's Heavy Metal Band Lethal Saint was founded in Nicosia in the summer of 2006 by 3 friends, Andreas Kasapis (Guitars), Christis Isseyegh (Drums) and Christos Papadopoullos (Guitars). Inspired by the sound of 80's Heavy metal, the 3 members managed to attract Sergio's (Andreas's and Christos's schoolmate) attention. Sergio who knew Andreas Pougioukas (now L.S lead singer) asked him to come and visit the band during rehearsals. Andreas Pougioukas found the Lethal Saint band very interesting and he joined in, on January 2007.
Then, in search of a bassist Andreas Pougioukas decided to bring in a friend of his, Nicolas (now L.S bassist). Nicolas liked the band so he joined in, too. The Lethal Saint heavy metal band was finally complete!! They had their first gig (9.3.2007) in Lykio Akropolis (a high school in Nicosia) at a music festival organized by the school as the leading band (headliners)!
Then, in the summer of the same year they decided to record 4 songs in their studio and release their first Demo CD. Unfortunately, due to army reasons Nicolas could not take part in the recordings of the demo CD. It was fortunate though, that they found Alex (Inferno's bassist) who came in as a guest and helped us out. During the same period, we were taking part in some gigs (some for charity purposes). Then, followed the release of the Lethal Saint Demo CD which is now sold out. For the rest of 2007 and until the summer of 2008 Lethal Saint worked on new songs which will be included in the first complete CD release. In the summer of 2008 Lethal Saint took part in two big events: Power Of The Night 3 (Heavy Metal Festival) and Bands Fest 2008. Band's Fest (organized by Fishbone Records) was also a contest which included 10 performing bands playing all kinds of music. They managed to win the 1st prize.
On December 2008 an alteration was made to Lethal Saint's line-up when Nicolas left the band due to personal issues and he was replaced by George Haigaz Yildizian. Lethal Saint after a year of recordings and concerts in March 2010 released by PITCH BLACK RECORDS their first full length album with limited copies of 500 CDs and almost sold out. After the release of the album George had to leave the band for his own reasons.
A new member join the band for bass called Mike Papapavlou which is a great person to work with and shares the same passion about the band as they do. Lethal Saint’s tunes expanded all around the globe. The band was interviewed by several local radio stations, and also by the famous American Heavy Metal Internet radio “The Classic Metal Show”. Lethal Saint currently organizes concerts with local Metal Bands and the band plans to organize concerts outside Cyprus too.
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