Review: Desaster - The Arts of Destruction, 2012

Country: Germany
Genre: Black/Thrash
Release Year: 2012
Label: Metal Blade Records
Format: CD, LP
Buy it From: Amazon.comDesaster

Having recently discovered this group, Desaster have quickly managed to become one of my favourite bands with their very unique sound and exceptional tunes. They have previously released 6 albums, all of them being, the least to say, mind blowing and I was eagerly waiting for this release and I tried to be as open-minded as possible and with no bias whatsoever.

The first track that was released in January was ‘Queens of Sodomy’ and the first thought that came into mind was ‘WTF is this? This is not Desaster…’. It is not a bad song at all, but it sounded somehow different from the usual Desaster sound and it was definitely not what we expected! Two months later the album was released and guess what…they pulled it off…again!

The album’s intro ‘...Of My Worship’ is an instrumental, with sounds of bells and swords clinging, setting the mood for the hell that is going to follow and the battle that we are going to lose. The fight begins with ‘The Arts of Destruction’ a masterpiece, erasing every doubt I had in the beginning for this album. Pure Satanic Thrash – the way it’s meant to be played!

Every other song that follows is just tearing me apart. This album is a weapon of mass destruction, smashing everything in its way, leaving no trace of humanity behind. It is really hard to pick my favourites but there are two tracks that stand out in my opinion and these are ‘Phantom Funeral’ and ‘Possessed and Defiled’.

With this release, Desaster chose to follow the same recipe as they did with their previous album ‘666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate’ and it is obvious that they have found the secret ingredient. It is definitely worth checking it out as I believe that it will surely be among the best albums for the year. Oh, and if you like it then buy the album! Support the band!


Alexandros ‘Noullis’ Vacanas
March 2012