The Early Days
Solitary Sabred were formed by Jimmys Demetriou (guitars - the only surviving original member) in the year 2000 and went through several member changes up to the year 2004 when he left Cyprus to continue his studies abroad, leaving behind some rehearsal demos from that era. The basic structure of some of the band’s songs (like “The Trojan Hero” for instance), dates back to those days.
The Reawakening and the Promo DvD
Fast forward to the summer of 2007, when Jimmys met Petros Leptos (Bass&Vocals) during a local gig. Soon they became best of friends and found out they shared the same passion for deranged old school U.S. epic/progressive/power metal, and the same vision of performing this type of music live. They promptly re-recruited Antros Ioannou (the original Sabred drummer), and started rehearsing periodically due to the fact that Jimmys was still studying abroad, while at the same time working on writing original material by exchanging mp3 demos. In May 2008, Jimmy completed his studies and the band went in full motion, rehearsing hard to fine tune their songs, in time for Power of the Night Festival III, they were set to perform in. Due to time and distance limitations, they parted ways with Antros, and Achilleas Michael (x-drummer of Cypriot metallers R.u.s.t.) stepped in to pledge his arsenal to the Sabred cause, and pound the drums of war! Solitary Sabred gave their first live performance at Power of the Night III, receiving an overwhelming feedback from the crowd! The concert was recorded and released as a DVD promo entitled Solitary Sabred – “Live”, which stirred an interest around the band and turned a few record label ears in their direction.
The Hero, The Monster, The Myth
In October 2008 Solitary Sabred signed a distribution deal with Greek label Steel Legacy Records, and were set to commence recordings on their debut album entitled “The Hero, The monster, The myth”.  During this period the band temporarily became a quartet, as Josh Ioannou took over the low frequency assault, allowing Petros to focus on his vocal duties. They entered Network Project Studios in Nicosia in late December with producer Alex Makris, while at the same time putting some more live performances under their belts. "The Hero..."… was unleashed in early August 2009. Stay tuned as the Sabred legacy unfolds...
GENRE: Heavy/Epic Metal
FORMED: 2000
LABEL: Independent
Petros "Asgardlord" Leptos (Vocals)
Demetris "Spartacus" Demetriou (Guitars)
Andreas Tapa (Drums)
George "Stainlesz" (Bass)

Live Promo