Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal
Hometown: Limassol

Low D. (Vocals)
Alex M. (Guitars)
Nicos P. (Guitars)
Roy G. (Bass)
Angelo S. (Drums)


Back in the 90’s you ‘d found only a handful of bands thrashing around Cyprus. Scotoma and Crash Course (later-Defacer) was among them. Sonik Death Monkey is a hybrid noise machine of these two limit pushers. The elements of heavy and groove is the essential key here, though thrash/death influences are very clear. Keeping it real and "organic" without much digital special effects and industrial fireworks. A pure-powerful-metal-form as it should be!

Scotoma call it a quits in 2008 (by Low D.), while the original Crash Course boys (Alex, Roy and Angelo) were thinking to start all over again with something new this time around. At a “meeting” some basic ideas were put down, and at a common friend’s party the first rehearsal was scheduled (January 2009). From the ashes of the past, something aggressive it's on the way…

After 5 months (May), of name searching, the band was called Sonic Death Monkey (a name been said from day one as a “joke”)… and another 4 months later (September) Metal Hammer’s “Hellenic Assault” column announced the formation of the Limassolian quartet (then), but misspelled a letter (c to k) and stayed that way since then.

Sonik Death Monkey decided to add another guitar player ‘cause the original material that was coming out “demanded” one. By the end of the year a guitar player (Andreas K.) added to the line up, while the first appearance at a local Metal festival gave the very first samples of the SDM direction.

Within 2010 the quintet its playing its first proper concerts, while hitting the studio for it’s first promo CD which was given away for free on the band's apearance in December 2010.


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