Tribute to N.W.O.B.H.M

For the 1st time in Cyprus, more than 30 members from 20 Cypriot Metal Bands on the same stage!
The Cyprus Heavy Metal Scene United presents a special Tribute to N.W.O.B.H.M on Saturday 17/03/2012 at Katakomves.

Organisers: Steel Fortress Rehearsal Studio and Power of the Night Festival
Time: 20:00
Entrance: 5 EUR

Bands/Members participating:
Armageddon/Neon Knights: Jimmys
Armageddon: Kikis
Arrayan Path: Nikolas L., Paris
Blynd: Konstantinos, A. Malaktos
Crest Fallen: Mike "Moukis"
En Psixro: Stefanos, Achilleas
Hardraw: N.Moutafis
Lethal Saint: Christos
Metal Blade: Christoforos, Nikoletta
R.U.S.T: Panayiotis, Giorgos, Yiannis, Tasos, Adamos
Receiver: Charis
Serpent Teeth: Panayiotis C.
Shut'em down: Mahairas, Aggelos, Antreas
Solitary Sabred: Jimmys, Dr. Petros L.
Stainlesz: Giorgos, Petros
Sweet Little Annie: Mahairas
Teror: Alex, Evangelos, Chris
Vomitile: Khatch
Zenith: Petros,Yiannis

Special Guests:
Georgia on Girlschool cover
Alexis on Tygers of Pan Tang cover
Kotsios on Blitzkrieg cover
Panos on Venom cover