Compilation CD Review by

April 2012
Released: 2011,
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich

 The island republic of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also an island that has had a divided and brutal past, and currently is split between Greek and Turkish control. Enter the unifying power of metal music. CYPRUS METAL SCENE UNITED is a collection of the best metal Cyprus has to offer, compiled by The site is worth mentioning, starting as an online forum to bring together Cyprus metal fans, it has evolved into the island’s portal for metal news and promotion. The amount of metal bands on Cyprus is staggering, with 34 being listed on Cy-Metal’s website. Likewise, the diversity of styles on the album range from thrash and death metal to power and progressive metal. Power metal though is the predominant style.

 The album opens with a track by Sonik Death Monkey titled “Detonator” an excellent thrash choice, featuring a mid-paced tempo while vocalist Low D. channels Martin Eric Ain and Thomas Warrior of Celtic Frost. The next track is by, in my opinion, the best Cyprus metal band Arrayan Path, who has already had an album featured in Metal Arrayan Path is an epic power metal band and the new track concisely offers a worthy sample of the band’s talent. With 15 tracks, the album is an ideal introduction to the Cyprus metal scene, a growing and promising well to draw new world metal from for consumption. A track by track review is not necessary; every tune on here is worthy. Suggested highlights for power metal fans would be Arrayan Path, R.U.S.T., Astronomikon and Lethal Saint. Those seeking vintage traditional metal will enjoy Diphtheria, while death metal fans should sample Morbid Existance. Thrash metal fans will want to check out Sonik Death Monkey and Teror.

 Understandably, the production quality varies, the power metal bands having the brightest and clearest while some bands are mired in muddy and low volume frequencies. The production is adequate overall; certainly good enough to get a good taste of what these bands have to offer. Interested fans can find biographical information and more samples of each band’s music at If you have not had an opportunity to check out the Cyprus metal scene, I definitely recommend that you do. You can hear the hunger and determination from each band, and there are enough styles represented that any metal fan can find something to enjoy.