Live Report | MYSTIC PROPHECY, Winter's Verge, FireForce - 21 Apr 2012 - at Kingston - Limassol Cyprus

Another great night at Kingston Rock City in Limassol on 21st of April 2012.


For the first time in Cyprus, the Belgian mettallers FireForce opened the stage of the event! They started with the songs Annihilation, Coastal Battery, The Only Way, Firestorm, Horus, presenting their first full-length album "March On" which has been released on March 2011. The songs Battle for Freedom, Moonlight Lady and Born to Play Metal follow up and the audience roused for good! And final, they closed their show with a cover song from Manowar "Battle Hymn". Amazing appearance by them, and we hope to see them again in our island!

The Cypriots Winter's Verge was the next band and it's their first live in Limassol! Words are unnecessary to describe this band! First, the brand new song 'Not Without a Fight' from their upcoming album Beyond Vengeance, which will be released on 27th of April 2012. Songs like Eternal Damnation, I Swear Revenge, Captain's Log and some of their new album Cunning Lullabies, Bleeding Heart filled their fantastic show! Excellent work!


And now, the time that all of us was waiting for, Mystic Prophecy for the 1st time in Limassol (3rd in Cyprus). Presenting their new album "Ravenlord (November 2011)" and playing songs from their whole discography they gave a magic show to the Cypriot metal fans! Eyes of the Devil, Savage Souls, Dark Forces and Sacrifice Me were their first songs! Demons Blood, Endless Fire, Ravenlord, Hollow, Die Now, Across the Gates of Hell, Wings of Destiny, To the Devil I Pray, Burning Bridges, Satanic Curses, Evil Empires were the songs that filled up their setlist, and they close the night with the cover song "Paranoid" from Black Sabbath!! Spectacular show!!

As a conclusion, the sound could be better, but it's still good! I was waiting more people to take part on this event, around to 150 fans were there. Nevermind, very good work by METAL ATTACK CYPRUS!

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