Genre: Thrash'o'Death Metal
Hometown: Larnaca/Derynia

Emilios Georgiou (Guitars/Vocals)
Ilias Ioannou (Bass/Vocals)
James Owens (Guitars/Vocals)
Danny Georgiou (Drums & Percussions)


The project was born out of frustration, anger but mostly the love and respect for this sweet feeling that playing music creates. During late 2009, Ilias, Emilios and Danny decided to form a band with one basic motive and goal: to bring decent metal back to their hometowns and areas of Larnaca & Famagusta. Thus, the Cursed Vanguards (CV) was conceived.

Although initially looked like a get away from studies and the anxiety of the modern way of life, it was considered serious work at all times. Since the beginning, the lineup has changed far too many times for such a young band. Members would come and go all the time, some would stay longer and leave their mark on the band’s style (or not) and some would go away faster than expected. Even Danny had left the band due to personal inclinations, rejoining it once again in 2012. In the end, every change is for the better, helping the band to evolve and move on, as it should be.

Their debut was in late 2010 and since then, the band had decided to take their music at all corners and venues of Cyprus, driving the highway from Paphos to Napa, Limassol, Nicosia and of course, Larnaca, playing usually for free or just their gas expenses, making friends and enemies at places unsought of, while at the same time started gaining a small but warm fan base.

A rough homemade recording was made under the title 'The Thorny Demo' that was left unedited because of sudden lineup changes. It features 3 songs of the earliest material of the band and it is available at all band’s sites for listening. Being songs created during the time of former long term members, they tell the story of the band during that particular era. Although a re-record and free release of those songs is desirable by the remaining members, it was decided that they should be left unedited and free for public listening to remind the first 3 years of their journey through the darkness of what is called today “the metal scene of Cyprus”.

There is plenty of CV material that is waiting to be recorded and of course recordings are always in the plans of any band. Everything in its time.

As mentioned, what influences the band is frustration, anger, love, passion, the disagreement with many things and many people around us, and the desire for progress at any cost.


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