Good and Bad news for Iced Earth Alive In Cyprus Recording DVD/CD

According to the organizer (STAGE 8 Productions):

The bad news first:

Unfortunately Armageddon wont be playing the gig. The full production (audio & visual) team needs to be focus 100% on the recordings & DVD production for the best possible results. Therefor we came to another agreement with Armageddon! We really want to thank them for their patience/understanding & huge respect from our side! They are truly professionals and you will hear from them pretty soon with some pretty cool announcements & news!!

...and the good news:

Iced Earth will have an EPIC setlist that will last for hours!! True Iced Earth fans will be crying from happiness during the night haha!! While the whole scenery & artwork will be unique and will set the base for their best alive album & DVD yet to be released!!

For more, stay tuned with us!!