Genre: Stoner / Sludge Metal
Hometown: Nicosia

Andreas "Psilos" Josephides (Guitars)
Konstantinos "Maheras" Maheriotis (Vocals)
Dimitris "sexy base mimis" Panayides (Bass)
Angelos "Angelos" Michaeloudes (Drums)


Shut em Down were formed by Andreas Josephides “Psilos” and Sotiris Ladas during the summer of 2009 with the idea of composing songs inspired by Black Sabbath. During the same summer period, Mimis joined the band and two months later Macheras joined as well as the vocalist. Due to the hardcore and sludgy musical ideas of Macheras, Sotiris decided to leave the band as he wasn’t happy with the new paths that the band was following. One month later Antreas Tapas joined the band as the drummer but two months later he decided to leave the band as there was no good communication with the rest of the band members. Then the drummer of the band Sweet Little Annie, Bobby Z, joined the band for three months to help the band to accomplish two live shows and demo recordings. Finally,during the spring period of 2011, Aggelos returned from his studies from thesaloniki and joined the band as the new drummer. Now the band is recording and preparing an EP album.


No discography available

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