Arrayan Path: News about their 4th album!

Band's announcements:

Hey everyone! Just a small update on the new album: the bad news is it's going to be delayed as 2 of the members in the band have had some unexpected arrivals in their family! So congratulations to them! The good news is that the whole process is well on its way, the songs have been chosen and they sound killer! As we already announced, the album will be called: IV:Stigmata. We do have a few song titles for you and they are the following: 'Stigmata', 'Midnight and the first-born massacre', 'The Storyteller', 'Pharaoh's wish', 'Judas Iscariot' and 'Harbingers in God's court'. The band has also decided to re-record a few songs from our debut album 'Road to Macedonia'. I think it's about time to do these songs some justice! Finally, the song 'Mystic moon' from the 'Macedonia' sessions will be re-mixed and partly re-recorded. All of this of course, AFTER the release of our next album. Peace to all!

In other news, Jimmy Mavrommatis, legendary singer of Armageddon rev 16:16 and one of the most important performers of the Cyprus metal scene, will be participating on our new album on a duet with our singer Nicholas Leptos! They both will be screaming their guts out on song 'Harbingers in God's court'. HISTORY IN THE MAKING!

And here is the photo-shoot about the album: