Live Report | Frozen Winds, Procreation - 20 Jul 2012 - Rolling Stone - Limassol Cyprus

We arrived at Rolling Stone around 21:30, coming for the second consecutive night after the Cy-Metal party the previous night, this time though with Manos ‘Sakrificer’ being sober and Benakis ‘Starchild’ at the back seat mumbling on and on about everything irrelevant. So you can imagine, it was a long and tiring trip…

Procreation was the first band to perform and they got up on the stage around 22:30. They played for nearly half an hour, 6 songs, 2 of which were covers by Pestilence-Chronic Infection and Death-Zombie Ritual. I was eagerly waiting to see their show as I had never seen them before and I’d heard many positive comments for the band, but to be honest I was quite disappointed with their performance. Miscommunication, poor sound and nearly no movement on stage. As we were told later however, two members of the band were absent from the event so this quite explained these problems. I am sure they can definitely get over this live and move on to better ones. 

Frozen Winds were up next and this was their first live performance after nearly 18 months. They played 4 of their existing songs from their demo and EP and 3 new ones (one does not appear on the setlist, it was played as an encore) from their following album which is being recorded and will be released soon. They played well and the new songs sounded very promising, conveying a very dark and demonic atmosphere. The crowd was very enthusiastic especially during the last song ‘King Belial’ asking for encore at the end. They were unfortunate however as the sound was not on their side and they had to stop their show for Adonis to change his guitar as a string broke. This was their first gig with new keyboardist Goiko Maric who recently joined the band. Compared to their last year's performance, one would say their full potentials were not reached. Nevertheless it was still a professional show as Frozen Winds have traditionally shown. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another 18 months for their next live!

Alexandros Vacanas
July 2012