Review: Black Sword Thunder Attack - In Hell's Reign (2011) DemoTape

Country: Greece
Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Release Date: 2011
Label: Self-Released
Format: DemoTape, CDr

Last month I received a gift from the Greek countryside, more specific from Kalambaka in Thessalia. The gift came from Stelios, vocalist in the band “Black Sword Thunder Attack”, and it was of course the band’s second Demo, entitled “In Hell’s Reign”!
I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of the existence of the band since two months ago, when my friend Adamos from R.U.S.T. pointed them to me. 

From the very first tunes I heard on youtube, I characterized the songs as “lost tunes from a forgotten Demo tape of Warlord/Lordian Guard”! Too much? NO! And when the demotape arrived, I found myself right. In the tape’s booklet there’s the following dedication: “The Album is Dedicated to Viddone Riemenschneider”. Just from that, you know what to expect hearing.

The strong parts of the band, in my humble opinion, are the melodic, powerful guitars, and the unique vocals. While transcending the boundaries of mind, using the force-full guitar riffs and solos, you are delivered with sacrament and majesty, by the uniqueness of the vocals!

I believe that my pure vocabulary is not enough to give a worthy description for the epicness of the hymns entitled Evil Sorcery and Don’t Hear The Sirens! The slow tempo of "On The Way To Acheron", personally travels me back in the ancient times, delivering the PURE EPIC FEELING that words can't describe! 

Stelios also send me two bonus tracks, the 2010 remake of their song "Gates Of Fire", which was from their first demo released ten years (!) ago! The song consists of solid guitar riffs, which, if will ever been played live, our sun will probably exceed the Chandrasekhar limit!  The second bonus track was the previous version (2009) of their song Evil Sorcery, when it was still under the name "The Archangel"! Multiple supernova explosions will transform our galaxy into an active battlefield if this song will be played live public. :p

In conclusion, if you like EPIC METAL with Glorious Guitarwork, then hit the play button on the videos below. I’m sure you’ll be amazed from what you’ll hear!

"...when the winds of anger, crushed by flames of hell..."

Cheers and mighty hails to the Greek Countryside Metal
 Michalis “Starchild” Benakis
October 2012