Sanctions against the organizers of ICED EARTH's Live Recording show at Ancient Kourion.

The "Department of Antiquities" sets sanctions against the organizers of the Heavy Metal Live Recording show of ICED EARTH at Ancient Kourion in Limassol, on August 19th, 2012. 

The deputy Giorgos Perdikis, said that
Heavy Metal concerts are unusual for this historic place and he wonders why they granted permission for such a concert.


And you know what is coming in a few months..
Read more about what happened that night here

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  1. This article must have been posted in Phileleftheros as far as I understand. Do you know the date?

    Anyway the important thing is :
    I personally was moving all around before and during the concert. I honestly didn't notice any indecent behaviour that night. Just think that there was quite an adequate number of policemen from the Garrison. And there was no need for them to move not even their smallest of fingers to take care of anything out of order.

    Why do some people make these adverse comments?