Fallen Heroes - Metal Tribute - Live at Katakomves (13/04/2013)

Power of the Night festival team organizes a legendary night dedicated to all heavy metal legends who left us!

Date: 13/04/2013
Place: Katakomves
Time: 19:30
Entrance: 5 EUR + BEER!

Every heavy metal band from Cyprus can join the event!

Submitted bands so far:

- Astrum
- Death avenue
- Gypsy Fears(Limassol)
- Hardraw
- Μortem atra
- R.U.S.T.
- Stainlesz
- TEKILLERS(Members from Arrayan Path, Shut 'Em Down, Blynd, Metal Blade, Stainlesz)
- Unholy Reigh

If any band is interested, can contact Panayiotis(99870995) for more info.

facebook event: fb.com/events/346687125441401/