Morte Sistema: "Death System" EP this summer

Morte Sistema, will release this summer an EP/ MiniCD before the debut album! As they have already said, 3 famous artists will be featured on the EP

Read the official announcement:

After a discussion with our record label & the fact that we 've had some line up changes this past couple of months, we came to the resault to set a "milestone" in the bands path.

We will release an EP/MiniCD this summer, before any full length will be out. A gift to the people who are sending us emails & fb messages waiting to hear ANYTHING that represents our noise with one way or another....

Its a work that represents what we did and what we didn't this past year we 've been working out this project.

A release date will be announced soon. The EP will be called "DEATH SYSTEM" (we are attaching also the front cover to this post) and the tracklist will be like this:

1. Despertar del Jaguar (Intro)
2. Fake
3. Crossed our ways
4. Noise of silence
5. Eye ate the sun
6. Outro
7. Crossed our ways (rough version)
8. RVM (bonus rehearsal track)

*3 famous artists will be featured to this EP, as we have already announced.

Thanx for your support, cant wait to have this out for you!