CHAINSHEART & DARK POETRY: confirmed for POTN 2013

CHAINSHEART is a Rock band that has been established by Yiannis Savva and Petros Mendonis.
These are two former members of the band "Zenith" ( 1988-1995). Another key member is Kyriakos Koutsiofis that was a member of the Band "Armaggedon". "Zenith" reunited in 2010 for the purpose of performing in the "Power of the night" Heavy Metal Festival in Cyprus. Soon after the concert Yiannis Savva and Petros Mendonis started working in a new Album entitled " Just another day" and they formed a new band with the name "CHAINSHEART". The band was initially formed for the purpose of the recording necessities. Then soon after the project started the band began performing in Nicosia and in other cities of Cyprus. Initially the members of the band were Yiannis Savva (vocals), Petros Mendonis ( Guitar), Kyriakos Koutsiofis ( Keyboards), Nicholas Philippou (Drums) and Nikos Doukas ( Bass) and Natalie Kyprianou (vocals). These were the members that recorded the album. Today the members of the band are Yiannis Savva (Vocals), Petros Mendonis (Guitars), Kyriakos Koutsiofis (Keyboards), Christos Agathocleous (Bass), Yiannis Karambatsos (Guitar), Marios Georgiou ( Drums) and Marilena C. Arwen ( vocals).

Dark Poetry is a four-peace band from Cyprus with clean elements from traditional Middle Eastern music combined with Heavy Metal. The band was formed in 2003. Since then has appeared regularly at local metal music events and festivals. The founding members of the group are Harris Andreou, Michael Angeli, Andreas Kallis and Pougioukas who left the band/group in 2010 and was replaced by new vocalist Petros Koutsis. Now Dark Poetry are back and ready for their first appearance at this summer's festival!