Power of the Night IX Festival (25-26/July/2014)

Dates: 25-26/July/2014
Place: Tafros Pylis Ammochostou
Time: 17:00

25 EUR (both days)

At Door:
18 EUR (1st day)
23 EUR (2nd day)

Bands (alphabetically):
- Armageddon Rev.16:16 (CY)
- Crystal Viper (PO)
- Dragonbreath (CY)
- Gypsy Fears (CY)
- Hardraw (CY)
- Manilla Road (US)
- Sacral Rage (GR)
- Solitary Sabred (CY)
- Strikelight (GR)
- The Ladder Man (CY)
- Vomitile (CY)

Stay tuned for more!