Review: Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark (2013)

Country: Canada
Genre: Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock
Release Year: 2013
Label: Rise Above Records
Format: CD, LP

Pure magic! That was my first thought after listening to Blood Ceremony’s last work entitled ‘The Eldritch Dark’!

The Canadians formed in 2006 and since then they have been mesmerizing the souls of the their listeners with their Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock. In my opinion with the release of their third album they proved that they are not a ‘shooting star’.

The album follows familiar lyrical concept dealing with witchcraft and occultism, combined with beautiful ‘catchy’ riffs, the ethereal voice of Alia O’ Brien and her remarkable flute solos!

The journey begins with ‘Witchwood’.  Pure evil melodies and a great solo combination of guitar and flute.

The hit of the album ‘Goodbye Gemini’ begins with another outstanding flute solo by Alia and then a catchy chorus which sticks to your mind!

The third song is  a ballad  called ‘Lord Summerisle’ and it is sung by the band’s bass player Lucas Gadke, followed by one of albums highlights ‘Ballad of The Weird Sisters’ another gem with great flute melodies!

Next comes ‘The Eldritch Dark’. I’ m sure  it made a lot of Goblins and elves, in the Enchanted Forests, dance with its melody!

As we are drawing near to the end of the album we can’t escape from the spell which is put on us by the fabulous keyboards and guitar solo of ‘Drawing Down The Moon’.

The instrumental song ‘Faunus’ prepares us for the grande finale, where  ‘The  Magician’ is ready to blow our minds away!

An astonishing work by Blood Ceremony and one of personal favourite for 2013!

Christos ‘’Loki’’ Marneros