WINTER'S VERGE: Changes on the line up

The new year will find some changes to Winter's Verge line up.

Read the official announcement from their facebook page:

To all fans, friends and Family of Winter's Verge.
This year has been a very rough year to us and in general to all the people of Cyprus. After going through many problems, we can finally say that the bands troubles are in our past and we looking towards the future, stronger and more focused.
We did have some difficulties along the way, that led to 2 line up changes. Our long time friend and original member of the band, keyboardist - Stefanos Psillides had to leave, and is replaced by our new family member - Guitarist - Andy Kopriva. Stefanos Psillides will write a few words to you all within the next couple of days.
The other Line up change we had is the man behind the drums. Close friend of the band( Chris J's Page) Chris Ioannides left the band and is replaced by drummer Danny Koullis Georgiou Conway. Welcome to the W.V family my friend.

Below is a small statement by our former drummer and friend, Chris J.

"Hi all, Due to increasing work load on my other projects, sadly, I had to part ways with Winter's Verge. The past five years have been great! We made two awesome albums and had wonderful times on our tours and concerts but the time has come to move on so that I would not get in the way of the band's progress. I am sure that the band has a lot in store for the future and will continue to please the fans with great albums and magnificent live performances. They will always be my brothers and I will be happy if our paths cross for any collaborations in the future. I would also like to thank the amazing WV fans who have shown me nothing but respect throughout these 5 years.
Rock On !

Thank you Chris for the amazing memories! Cheers brother.

So now it begins...again...

Cheers and Keep Rocking!
Have an Epic New Year Celebration, and we will see you all soon!

George Charalambous
Miguel Trapezaris
Harrys Pari
Andreas Kopriva
Danny Georgiou