SACRAL RAGE: Confirmed for POTN IX

The official announcement:
Sacral Rage were born in December 2011 by members of other domestic underground bands such as: Necrovorous, Outcry, Mentally defied, Dizzy Dizign.
Their sound is a mixture between of the North American and the European scenes.
Heavy / speed bands like: AGENT STEEL, EXCITER, JAG PANZER, VICIOUS RUMOURS, ANNIHILATOR, MERCYFUL FATE, JUDAS PRIEST, HELL and most progressive bands like RUSH, WATCHTOWER, have played a vital role in the band’s musical style.
So far they have released a Promo and a Mcd entitled “DEADLY BITS OF IRON FRAGMENTS” via  Eat Metal Records.
Major battles on stage were given as a supporting act along with Scyklad, Convixion, Wrathblade, Phantom X.