ARRAYAN PATH: Not one, but two albums to come

Great news from Arrayan Path!! They are working on two albums, a pure epic metal and a melodic/commercial/power metal!!

Read the official announcement:

Hey everyone!
Wow, it’s been a while since we posted some news but we promise it was worth the wait! Well here it goes: ARRAYAN PATH is at the moment working, not one 1 but on 2 albums! We have written a lot of music the last few months and we ended up with lots of great songs, some of which turned out to be close to our earlier style and that is…pure epic metal!
So we decided to make a pure epic metal album and another one that will show our melodic/commercial/power metal side. We don’t know when these albums will be ready. We don’t know if they will be released together or not, what will be the gap between them or which one will come first. All we know is that there will be 2 albums of different style and different vibe.
Our epic metal album will be called ‘ΑΡΧΕΓΟΝΟΙ’ (pronounced ‘Archegonoi’ in English) and it will be dedicated to ancient Greece, its history and mythology. It will include our favourite myths and events from the lives of heroes or other important personalities of our history and mythology.
We have not yet decided the name of our melodic metal album and it would be great if you, the dedicated fans, could help us choose. The following 4 titles are titles of songs included in the album and the ones that are likely to give our album a name! We would appreciate your suggestions and votes. So here they are: ‘CHRONICLES OF LIGHT’, ‘ORIENTIS’, ‘SOLOMON SEED’, ‘LEX TALIONIS’. Please choose only one and send your suggestion at:
As you can see; lots of good stuff happening for ARRAYAN PATH. As mentioned before, we don’t know the ‘when’ and the ‘how’. We are not going to rush but we can promise that it won’t take too long!