Live Report | UNHOLY TRINITY 2014 - VADER, BLYND and VOMITILE @ Diaxroniki, Nicosia-Cyprus (13-04-2014)

Arriving at 20:00 at Diaxroniki, I saw that the doors didn't open yet. With an hour delay, the doors opened about 20:30. On the whole night, came up to 200 people, I was expecting a bit more.


Openers of the night, the deathsters Vomitile. Starting with their fabulous Warcult, they continued with songs from their debut album Igniting Chaos such as Bastardocracy, Cesspool of Blood and Hate. Then a cover song was following, the Refuse/Resist from Sepultura, a great implementation of the band. Vomitile are about to finish their 2nd full-length album named Mastering the Αrt of Κilling and we had the chance to listen 3 new song, Immense Catastrophe, Born to Kill and Necropound. The people was energetic enough, showing their support to the band. Some technical problems with the sound appeared but the band was rocking more! Excellent performance by Vomitile, keep up the good work!


Next to follow, the death/thrashers Blynd. They entered the stage with their known intro and Arrival of the Gods, and followed by songs from their 2nd album Punishment Unfolds, Final Resistance, The Chosen Few, As Punishment Unfolds and the old Rage Mindgames. Blynd are also on studio for their next album, so they played us a new song called Aes Cyprium. Great appearance by the band, preparing the audience for the headliners. The technical problems was there again, but the people was moshing and headbanging all around with crushing walls of death!


Finally the death/thrashers Vader from Poland. Spinning riffs, killing vocals, amazing connection with the audience. Οne of the best band on their kind, Vader bombed Nicosia that night!

Vader's setlist:
01. Sothis
02. Vicious Circle
03. Silent Empire
04. Final Massacre
05. Decapitated Saints
06. Carnal
07. Return to Morbid Death
08. Come and See my Sacrifice
09. Chaos
10. Reborn in Flames
11. Crucified Ones
12. The Witcher
13. Dark Age
14. Wings
15. God Is Dead
16. War/Slayer (raining blood)

The organizers promised us a cover song to be performed by members from all the bands. And so it is done! For the night to close, Khatch and George from Vomitile, Andreas from Blynd, along with James Steward and Spider from Vader, the played Slayer's "Raining Blood". What a great closing!

Passing some problems, it was an astonishing night with the bands giving their passion on stage! We had a great time over there! Good job from N4F Concerts!

Special thanks to my friends Marios and Kyriakos!

Also special thanks to Philip Zilfo for the photos.

Andreas "Skyflat" Benakis