Contest: T-Shirts through the years!

As part of our 5 years anniversary celebrations, salutes all of you for your support through the years, and we're organizing a small section for YOU!

Through our 4 years we designed 4 different T-shirts which are presented here.
The shirts are long Sold-Out so we're off to the next one, 5th for our 5yrs! 

So what do we need you? First, you're gonna be the creators of our next shirt.

Send us your ideas and we'll choose the best one for printing!
you can send your photos through Facebook or via email at

Now, to the second part. 
We need YOU, owners of our past T-Shirts, to send us photos with you posing with them! 

As many of you already know, mighty George Kollias, drummer of NILE, in 2012, while headling Party-San Festival in Germany, performed live wearing a Cyprus Metalhead T-shirt, designed by us! 
Photos below tell no lies :) 


Now Cypriot Metal beauty Mikaella, who won her shirt on "Metal Beach Party Vol. 1" last year, shows you how sexy our shirts are!  :) 
Bring it on boys and girls! 
Send us your most sexy, your most funny, your most wretched, your most extreme pics wearing our shirts and enter the Cyprus Metal Hall Of Fame :D

This summer is gonna be HOT AS HELL :)