Review: King Goat - S/t EP (2013)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Progressive Doom Metal
Release Year: 2013
Label: Self-released/independent
Format: CD (Buy Online)

King Goat is a five-membered band based in Brighton, United Kingdom. They were formed in 2012 and they released two EPs in 2013, with the second, homonymous one, consisting of three songs.

We begin our journey to the haunting melodies of doom, with the first song entitled ‘The final Decline’. A mesmerizing, oriental-style guitar riff and hear comes the storm… you are hammered by proper ‘doomish’ riffs and the amazing, both in growls and clean vocals, voice of the lead singer.

The second song, entitled ‘Cult Obscene’, is my personal favourite. The heaviest song of the EP, I would say, with mid-tempo rhythm, great bass intro, fantastic guitar solos and what can I say about the vocal ability of the singer… allow me to compare his performance in this song with Robert Lowe (ex-Candlemass).

The final song is ‘Melian's Trance’. This is another mid-tempo song with a beautiful short-length break in the middle.

A plus to the remarkable work of the band is the crystal-clear sound and the great production of the album. A very promising band which delivers three astonishing gems for all the Doom fans. We wish them all the best and we wait for their first full-length album.

Christos ‘’Loki’’ Marneros