Live Report | ORPHANED LAND, Arrayan Path, Gypsy Fears | 27 Oct 2014 | Pavilion | Nicosia Cyprus

On October 27th 2014, our neighborhoods from Israel and pioneers of oriental metal ORPHANED LAND, came for the first time in Cyprus for a headline show!


Opening band for the night, the Cypriots Gypsy Fears. Straight from the heart of Limassol, this heavy metal band started it's carrier as a cover band, but by the time they are making their own music and they are preparing for album to come. For the show now. Due to some of my stupid delay, I only catch up a song on their finish, but hopefully friends of mine where they 've been there since the beginning and they describe me the image of the band. Very improved from their previous shows, with excellent connectivity between the band members. Some technical problems with the sound may was a bit annoying, but that fact didn't stop their great performance.
1. Rider in Black
2. Insomnia
3. Candle in the mirror
4. Tornado of Souls (Megadeth cover)
5. Bleed


Next on stage, Arrayan Path. 10 years celebration since the release of "Road to Macedonia" , their first full-length album. A special setlist for the night! Only songs from first and second album, nothing from the last two. Opening track, Epic Sorrowfull of the Argonaut and got followed by Piri Reis. The sound problems on both songs were the enemy again, thing that seemed to bother the band. But eventually, that was fixed! They continued with Arryan Path, and next Osiris. I never heard this song live, so it was a great surprise for me! And the ended the show with Liberation Son, Road to Macedonia and Terra Incognita. Excellent work!
1. Epic Sorrowfull of the Argonaut
2. Piri Reis
3. Arryan Path
4. Osiris
5. Liberation Son
6. Road to Macedonia
7. Terra Incognita


The headliners arrived, Orphaned Land. Something new and strange for the metal scene of Cyprus. An oriental metal!! Even bellydancer was on stage on a couple of songs! They started with Through Fire and Water and next by All is One. Songs from their entire discography have been followed, with great emphasis at Brother, Let the Truce be Known and to my favorite Ocean Land. There were screens on the sides of the stage, showing videos having to do with the song's themes. They closed with In Thy Never Ending Way, and came back for the encore to close the night with Norra el Norra and Ornaments of Gold. A magnificent performance by them, letting people more than satisfied!
01. Through Fire and Water
02. All Is One
03. Barakah
04. Kiss of Babylon
05. The Simple Man
06. Brother
07. Birth of the Three (The Unification)
08. Olat Ha’tamid
09. Let the Truce Be Known
10. Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)
11. Sapari
12. Ocean Land
13. El Meod Na’ala
14. In thy Never Ending Way
15. Norra El Norra
16. Ornaments of Gold

About 200 people where there. I was expecting more, the truth to be told, especially when there were special low-price presale tickets.

Excellent work by Pitch Black Records, great shows by the bands!

See you around till next time!

Andreas "Skyflat" Benakis
October 2014