SEPTICFLESH Presale Points and Flyer Revealed

Official statement by the Organizers:

As the time is drawing nearer for the return of the Titans in Cyprus, we would like to announce the pre-sale points for the remaining tickets (€20) of the event:

  • Nicosia: Svoura Cafe Bar, Wizard Rock Bar
  • Limassol: Tepee Rock Bar
  • Larnaca: Savino Rock Bar

Tickets at these points will be available as of 1.11.2014.
Tickets will also be available at the door (€23).

The online limited tickets(€15) are still available but there is only a small number remaining, so be quick!

Humans will raise
The Titan race
"Rex est mortuus, vivat rex!"
"Hic domus dei est"